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Balcombe Place British etiquette retreat experience. Photographer credit: Nelly Sugar
Caesars Palace penthouse campaign with Alissar Flowers


Our mission is simple: to redefine the world of collaborative marketing.

For too long, the marketing world has obsessed over replacing creativity with automation and human connection with technological innovations. But we’re taking back the power by creating a level playing field for creative minds to come together for collaborative success.

Every idea starts with frustration. This was ours: marketing is too expensive, and creativity is dying out.

We saw brands drowning in a sea of competition (and debt!), struggling to stand out and be seen and jumping on the latest trend. We watched mega brands creating campaigns with little or no strategy, and all in all, businesses just unnecessarily overspending with poor results.

So, we created an alternative.

As a matchmaker for business, we connect the dots between brands to help deliver the most audacious collaborations and partnerships, from events to co-branded products.

We break down barriers between industry-leading mega-brands and emerging next-generation market leaders to promote marketing without boundaries!

And you?

You gain global exposure, tap into a staggering amount of new markets, increase your database at explosive levels, and create groundbreaking new stories for your brand, all while reducing your marketing spend.

We have the stats, and they speak for themselves! Did you know that after spotting co-branded campaigns, 68% of consumers make purchasing decisions EVEN before speaking to any salesperson?

Our clients are calling it the most exciting thing to ever happen in marketing. And we agree.

Everything we offer, from our matchmaking tool to our Brand Collaboration Academy to our networking events and explosive case studies with the world’s finest collaborative brains, are designed with a single purpose: to help your marketing make you a whole lot more bang for a lot less buck.

We believe that great ideas don’t just happen in the boardroom – they happen when collaborative minds come together with a common purpose.

And we’re not just talking marketers. We’re helping business owners, execs, and creatives understand that collaborative marketing is accessible for everyone – no matter your size or expertise.

We’ve built the platform with feedback from the best of the best – the top CEOs, CMOs, business owners and collaborative marketers from around the globe. So you could say this is the best collaboration platform in the world. But we’ll let you decide. Because you won’t truly believe it unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Our community of collaborators is waiting for you. So go on. Find your match, break boundaries together, and see the endless possibilities of marketing without limits.


The faces behind The Caviar Spoon

Our business is founded on the pillars of collaboration, so behind our platform, we’ve got a collaborative global board of directors. Together, they’ve combined their areas of expertise and united over a passion for helping businesses succeed and see explosive growth.

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Mary Pratt

Pra is our founder and visionary; you could call her the orchestra conductor. The Caviar Spoon is Pra’s brainchild, born out of the frustration of ...

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Thomas Abraham

Meet Thomas - or as we like to call him - the King of Apps. Alongside PG, he’s the technical brains behind our platform and ...

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Prashant George

We like to think of Prashant as our platform’s architect. As a creative mastermind, he took Pra’s concept on paper and transformed it into one ...

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Anna Royall-Smith

Anna is our Global Head of Research and Brand Collaborations, but we think of her as our Chief Huntress, using her unparalleled knowledge of consumer ...

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“The Caviar Spoon has added great value to our business. They have opened us up to new sectors and new ideas and introduced us to truly exciting clients worldwide. They are passionate, really well connected and above all great fun to work with.”

Gareth Davies

"The Caviar Spoon team are experts in collaboration, coming up with ideas that make you wonder 'why didn’t I think of that?'. The Caviar Spoon thinks outside the box to deliver creative solutions that highlight the unique qualities of two or more brands in more engaging ways for end-users. In a competitive world, The Caviar Spoon helps brands to stand out through collaborative marketing, underpinned by creative storytelling that resonates with audiences, and drives conversions.”

Sarah Hedley Hymers

“The Caviar Spoon are extremely well connected and have delivered incredibly successful collaborations and concepts for my business. The team are forward-thinking, supportive, with endless amounts of passion and creativity. Brand collaborations are essential in our industry; they allow us to extend our audience reach through creative storytelling and we so pleased to be part of The Caviar Spoon.”

Charlotte Posner

Mary Pratt at The Caviar Spoon is a remarkable woman. She has a natural gift for putting the right brands and people together, far beyond a mainstream matchmaker or headhunter. My partnership with The Caviar Spoon has resulted in many successful collaborations and opportunities for myself as a chef and creator. I attribute this to the energy, support and creativity from the team at The Caviar Spoon.”

Chef Greg Malouf

“Working with The Caviar spoon has enabled our brand to connect and reach aligned talent and brands across industry and countries. The Caviar Spoon understands the importance of the right connection at the right time and has always delivered an excellent ROI for us. Our collaborations are delivered with ease and elegance, and these guys are always a pleasure to work with.”

Rowan Hall-Farrise

“Professional Beauty GCC has collaborated with The Caviar Spoon for many years to help boost synergies for brands and businesses from the world of beauty, spa, hair and wellness within the Middle East. Our collaborations have ranged from co-branded marketing campaigns to producing business masterclasses and workshops with The Presenter Studio to webinars for the industry. The Caviar Spoon is the go-to platform when it comes to brands wanting to boost business through collaborations.”

Emma Baron

“The team at The Caviar Spoon are the very best at building successful brand collaborations and producing fantastic results. We were impressed with The Caviar Spoon’s process for delivering these results, as well as their advice and their incredible network, which we have been able to benefit from. Mary is a visionary. She is incredibly creative and has come up with hugely successful collaborations from thinking outside the box. Thank you to The Caviar Spoon for working with BB Lifestyle.”

Ramina Kharileh

“Collaboration has proven itself to be critical in the ever-changing landscape we have operated in this year. It’s important to us as a destination resort to open ourselves up to collaborating with relevant brands and influencers. The Caviar Spoon has helped us identify collaboration opportunities in the UAE that complement our work and ethos, including creative marketing campaigns and global speaking opportunities. We are all looking forward to seeing what we can achieve moving forward.”

Aaron McGrath

“Working with The Caviar Spoon has been a joy. Pra possesses a special insight that enables her to see the mutual benefit of one brand or individual for another. Connecting brands, educating them, and building online communities help maximise reach in a world where it’s hard to stand out. It takes a platform like The Caviar Spoon to be certain you collaborate with the right brand or individual. Having just worked with The Caviar Spoon and the excellent skincare brand, ‘QMS Medicosmetics,’ I will happily confirm that collaboration is the way forward.”

Carly Paoli

“I've worked with The Caviar Spoon for a few years now, and it has been a wonderful journey of entrepreneurial empowerment and powerful collaborations. The Caviar Spoon works hard to connect artists and entrepreneurs worldwide, uniting us through our diversity to create truly meaningful masterpieces. Through collaboration, artists grow personally and professionally, and The Caviar Spoon has made it their mission to connect as many of us as possible. It's an honour and a privilege to be an author and collaborator for and with The Caviar Spoon, and I look forward to more projects in the future.”

Erin Van Vuren

“It is so great to see so many amazing brands come together and support each other's growth via collaborations. The Caviar Spoon’s vision of creating a platform driven by working together is something that deeply resonates with me. Mary is truly inspirational, and she has created a phenomenal platform and built a community that I’m sure will have a long and fruitful future ahead!”

Dr Maryam Zamani

“Working with Mary Pratt at The Caviar Spoon is always a pleasure, and we give our heartfelt thanks for an amazing event at the Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai. The attendance was remarkable with such a lovely group of ladies. The afternoon tea was simply wonderful; a truly joyful collaborative experience.”

Carol Hatton

“The Caviar Spoon are excellent at connecting brands to cross-promote and to expand audience reach. For us, it’s vital to create collaborations with new, complementary markets and get our brand in front of potential customers without the budget-busting marketing bills. My experience with The Caviar Spoon has been one of support, interconnecting myself with individuals and brands I may never have known of, not just nationally but also internationally. I know that my relationship with The Caviar Spoon will go from strength to strength”

Paola Di Lanzo

“The amalgamation of Pra’s business acumen with her exceptional social network has most certainly expanded several dimensions of my business. It has also resulted in a great partnership with The Caviar Spoon and some amazing brand collaborations but above all a true friendship with Pra, who is a wonderful person, very inspiring and a beautiful soul.”

Dr Pam Benito

“The Caviar Spoon introduced us to brand collaborations. Their innovation and forward-thinking approach is the way of the future for businesses. We really benefited from being matched with like-minded brands in a collaboration. The team are very driven and obsessive with the details, which led to a perfect experience our clients still talk about. The passion, energy and creative ideas from The Caviar Spoon went beyond all expectations. The Caviar Spoon has created a successful marketing model that will drive continued success in the future.”

Ayuko Suzuki

“Working with The Caviar Spoon team was such a heartwarming, delightful experience of mutual respect, with a great deal of elegance and fine taste! From entrusting Alissar Flowers with adding our colourful floral creations to their luxurious events to broadening our horizons with their top-notch classes, the overall experience has always been smooth and extremely positive. The Caviar Spoon is truly a force to be reckoned with!”

Alissar Mzayek


Gareth Davies, The Presenter Studio

Gareth Davies, the man behind Strictly Come Dancing and co-founder of The Presenter Studio, is an established collaborator with The Caviar Spoon.

Gareth wanted to bring his presenter masterclass to the Middle East. He had tremendous training to offer, but with no exposure in the Middle East, he needed The Caviar Spoon to open doors in Dubai.

We collaborated with the newly opened Paramount Hotel in Dubai on this project on a barter agreement.

With its connection to Paramount Pictures, the hotel would be the perfect location for Gareth’s TV presenter training. It would benefit from the additional exposure Gareth’s delegates from the media and influencer industries could offer.

Gareth’s masterclass sold out completely, with 100% attendance from incredible delegates such as Sarah Hedley Hymers, Euro News TV Presenter, Laura Buckwell, former TV news anchor and renowned MC, and Lauren O’Connell, contributing beauty writer for Cosmopolitan Middle East.

In return for hosting, the hotel received exceptional promotion through the finished showreels, which were shared officially as part of a marketing effort post-event and by the course participants – the hotel’s target audience!

British Etiquette Retreat at Balcombe Place

Wanting to reposition themselves after refurbishment as more than just a wedding venue, the team at Balcombe Place asked The Caviar Spoon to promote their luxury Grade II* listed country house as the perfect destination for weekend getaways.

We created an exclusive British Etiquette Retreat for London-based businesswomen who wanted to be educated in British Etiquette, from fine dining to successful media interviews.

The entire event was a collaborative effort with some remarkable partners.

  • Chase Gin delivered an exclusive gin tasting, while Louis Roederer taught a champagne masterclass.
  • Siobhan Swider covered wellbeing and relaxation with Gong therapy.
  • James Percy Smith taught elocution and public speaking.
  • Empress of Etiquette, Jo Bryant, educated all ladies on dining and social etiquette.
  • The weekend culminated with a themed dinner party using our collaboration costumier brand London’s Prangsta.
  • Photographer Nellie Sugar documented the entire weekend.

Balcombe Place repositioned itself as also the venue of choice for high net worth individuals, private events, and ladies weekend getaways.

They benefited from free publicity through the social media channels of the guests and other collaborators.

Jo Bryant and The Caviar Spoon continue to collaborate following this weekend.

Lotions & Potions Tattinger Tea at Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai approached The Caviar Spoon team to create a spectacular one-off experience that would attract their target audience to the hotel and drive awareness of their brand new spa and afternoon tea offering.

The Caviar Spoon created a ‘Lotions & Potions Tattinger Tea’ concept, matchmaking Carol Hatton, founder of Carol Joy London and celebrity microblader Suman Jalaf as hosts.

Having the face and founder of the resident Carol Joy London spa products hosting the event injected life into the brand. Suman Jalaf had a strong Middle East following, and we knew her clients would align with Carol Joy’s products.

We also knew these ladies from separate walks of life, each with their own inspiring story, would make excellent hosts.

We curated a handpicked VIP guestlist including women of high net worth, media, and content creators.

1,400 roses were flown into Dubai courtesy of our collaboration partner, Allisar Flowers, who created spectacular Instagramable floral displays, from the rose wall to the cascading bathtub (possibly the most photographed bathtub in the UAE).

Award-winning photographer Vartan Kelechian captured these photo and video moments.

The masterclass was an enormous success with a 100% show rate, and it was the most talked-about event in Dubai.

The results spoke for themselves – multiple returning guests, healthy profits from goods sold, and significant bar profits post-event!

First and Foremost Hotel & Resorts X Pop and Toast

First and Foremost Hotels & Resorts approached The Caviar Spoon to find an artist who could breathe life into their Rendezvous Hotel in North Yorkshire with a piece of retro art.

We matched the Rendezvous Hotel to up-and-coming Dubai artist Anna McKeown of Pop & Toast, renowned for her energetic and vibrant one-off works.

Anna’s powerful art and her drive and enthusiasm made us believe she could take on the challenge. This project would take her outside her comfort zone, but we were confident that the results would align with First and Foremost’s needs.

Anna’s unique approach to art matched the First and Foremost ethos to ‘Craft unique hotels and resorts’ perfectly.

Anna created a stunning one-off retro piece that beautifully reflected the Rendezvous Hotel and the Yorkshire Dales in a unique way, and which is now used both within the hotel and in their online marketing.

The art is a point of difference for the property and has generated huge online buzz.

Due to the success of the initial collaboration, The Caviar Spoon will continue to collaborate with First and Foremost Hotels on their upcoming projects, including The U by Utopia Hotel in Ethiopia.

Iconic Brand Collaborations

Iconic collaborations happen when businesses come together to turn a brand into an experience and story for their audience, opening up new markets, reaching new customers and delivering limitless results.

Here are some of our favourite collaborations, connecting brands to create the most impactful collaborations.


Smeg X Dolce & Gabanna

The Smeg X Dolce & Gabanna collaboration joins two iconic Italian brands to tell the story of ‘Sicily is my love’, a celebration of Italian history, culture, and cuisine in beautiful ranges of home appliances handpainted by local Sicilian artists.

The fridges from the collection retail at $50,000 each – a far cry from Smeg’s usual retail price of around $2,000!

Drawn together by their aligned values and ‘Made In Italy’ excellence, these brands have succeeded in creating a cross-industry collaboration that revolutionised the simple refrigerator, pushed both brands into the spotlight globally, and tapped into new audiences.

Gucci X The North Face

In December 2020, the worlds of luxury fashion and the great outdoors collided in a spectacular brand partnership between The North Face and Gucci, with a nostalgic throwback to the ‘70s.

The Gucci x The North Face Print Jacket in Beige and Ebony, which was initially released on only the Gucci website, resells on streetwear resale site Stock X at over $13,000. The anticipation of the launch of the new joint collection of outerwear and camping equipment was so high that the Gucci website crashed on the day it launched due to the traffic it experienced. The collaboration has led the way for the great outdoors to become luxury fashion’s newest frontier.

Chandon X Seafolly X Gemma O’ Brien

This exciting collaboration saw Chandon’s fresh, elegant brut and vibrant rosé paired with Seafolly’s two unique designs created by rising Australian artist Gemma O’Brien in a celebration of Australian Summer. Sydney beaches and desert blooms inspire the designs.

The collaboration succeeded in putting both brands front of mind in time for Summer through a joint campaign that saw the collaboration take over the media in a series of launch events, window displays and influencer endorsement. Cheers to that!

National Geographic X Coors Light

This epic branded content partnership titled “My Next” saw Nat Geo send two of their Explorers (and film crews) on scientific expeditions outside of their normal areas of research to discover “their next” adventure.

The multi-platform initiative includes branded documentary video, interactive maps, and photo journals chronicling the explorers’ journeys, all housed on a digital hub.

The Coors Light My Next custom videos garnered 13.9M+ video views (54% above goal), and the campaign accumulated 146M+ social impressions and 1.1M+ social engagements.

Nearly 100K unique users visited the digital hub, and the photo journals garnered more than 150K+ page views. The collaboration garnered tremendous media attention in publications such as Forbes and The Drum.

Ben and Jerry’s x Nike

Nike dropped one of the wildest collaborations of its SB Dunk Low silhouette this year and pairs are already reselling for thousands of dollars. Made possible through a
partnership with ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, Nike introduced the “Chunky Dunky” SB Dunk Low to the market through the SNKRS app after an initial release at select skate shops and stores on the 23rd May 2020.

The sneakers went for $100 at retail and are already fetching thousands of dollars on the resale marketplace.

Pairs of the Friends and Family version of the shoe, which come with a branded ice cream shoebox, have already sold for upwards of $3,800 on StockX, while standalone pairs sell for as high as $1,900.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme

This unusual collaboration was controversial from the beginning, with critics wondering why the two seemingly different brands would partner on their limited edition range.

But the blending of haute couture and high-end streetwear worked exceptionally well. The Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration offered the best of both worlds, with both brands branching out of their comfort zone. Not only was the luxury streetwear accessible to the masses, but it also appealed to a new clientele that Louis Vuitton didn’t have before.

The box logo hoodie, a staple of the collaboration collection, had an original retail price of approximately $860 with a resale value of up to $30,000 on reseller sites such as eBay and Stock X.