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Thomas Abraham


Meet Thomas – or as we like to call him – the King of Apps. Alongside PG, he’s the technical brains behind our platform and has spent the last 20 years working on unbelievably successful IT projects for startups and large scale enterprises. You’ve probably even used some of Thomas’ tech without even realising – he’s the man who brought contactless payment to New York City transit!

Thomas has a passion for using tech to make people’s lives better. He sits on the Advisory Board of City University of New York (CUNY) for the TechWorks Initiative, one of the US’s most extensive Federally Funded Software Education programs. His company HubSpire, where he is CEO, has also partnered with SproutCoding to teach coding and web development to children in Zimbabwe. This year, Thomas is founding a project to work with young people from economically disadvantaged areas of New York to improve lives through tech.

In his work with The Caviar Spoon, Thomas is dedicated to helping businesses cut overspend and see astronomical growth by developing our algorithm and creating a space for brands and individuals to find their next collaboration opportunity.

Thomas is a die-hard foodie, and no matter what your favourite type of cuisine is, Thomas will be able to give you the best recommendation of where to find it!

You can connect with Thomas on LinkedIn.