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The Caviar Spoon is a revolutionary global collaboration platform uniting mega-brands, emerging brands and start-ups, creating a level playing field to deliver phenomenal collaborations and partnerships. With The Caviar Spoon, every brand is given the same opportunity to collaborate, regardless of size or budgets. What you do with that opportunity is up to you.

We have put everything we have into taking The Caviar Spoon from a concept to a pioneering collaboration platform, and we truly believe it is a game-changing innovation for marketers around the world.

Now, we are giving unlimited access to validated brands to bring this blank canvas to life in a collaborative effort. There are no hidden catches. Your success in mastering the art of successful collaborations on the platform is our success.

Becoming a member gives you an unmissable opportunity to see real ROI, growth and measurable results for your business through collaborative marketing.

What’s included

30-minute collaboration 
coaching call
Complete visibility of all relevant, open pitches
Unlimited collaboration 
Personalised profile 
Unlimited direct messages to any brand on the platform
Full access to The Caviar Spoon database
Exclusive networking nights and invitations to events in your region
Members-only retreats both on and offline
Caviar Hustle group online Zoom sessions every month
Unlimited news, intelligence, trends and insights
Innovative case 
Interviews with global thought 
leaders on collaborations
Full access to all guides, 
templates and downloads
Discounts for any paid 
networking or masterclasses
1-hour Zoom Account Management call (to be used in the first three months)
Ability to favourite and talent-pool brands - your little black book of contacts
Opportunity to pitch your business by video or written interview through our Caviar Quick Fire introductions
Full access to our complimentary guest list function for any face to face events

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to questions we often get asked.

There’s no catch! Tech is dead unless it’s used, so we’re giving you complimentary access to The Caviar Spoon to bring it to life by using the system and making some great collaborations showcasing that this method of marketing really does work.

If you would like to cancel, please email us, and we can action it. But why would you want to? If you’re not actively collaborating, you can continue learning, finding opportunities, and be at the forefront of collaborative marketing. Leaving means you lose access to everything - tech, networking, and education. Is that what you want?

Like anything great, you’ll get out of this platform what you put in (think of it like a gym membership). While we can give you all the tools and tricks in the book, you’ll need to use the system to see success.

No. Right now, this platform is 100% complimentary. We don’t ask for any payment details when you sign up, and we take no payment from successful collaborations. You’ll only pay if you require hands-on support from our consultancy services.

We’re looking for incredible brands, sensational ideas, and powerful collaborative brains to come together to use the system. We want you to use it, value it, believe in it, protect it and promote it.

Any brands not following our code of conduct will be blacklisted. If you experience any form of poor behaviour, please email us, and we’ll investigate immediately.

We make money through our private consultancy services, our Brand Collaboration Academy, and our sponsorships.

If we change our payment model, you’ll be notified so you can choose whether to continue as a free user with a more restricted version of the platform or upgrade to a business membership to keep getting platinum access.

Ready to revolutionise your marketing?