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Prashant George

Creative Director

We like to think of Prashant as our platform’s architect. As a creative mastermind, he took Pra’s concept on paper and transformed it into one of the most powerful pieces of tech while simultaneously making it an easy and enjoyable experience for all of our users.

An innovator at heart, Prashant is dedicated to creating seamless user experiences leveraging the most up to date technology because he understands that “people ignore design that ignores people”.

His innovation and UX design success have made him one of the most highly respected creative directors in the industry.

Like Thomas, he is determined to use technology for good and make people’s lives better. Through HubSpire, he works with SproutCoding to teach web development and pass on his unmatched UX and UI knowledge to young people in Zimbabwe, who are improving their lives through tech.

With a background in commerce, Prashant understands what it takes for a business to grow and thrive, and he applied this and his UX experience when designing The Caviar Spoon platform.

Now, as Creative Director of The Caviar Spoon, Prashant is committed to helping businesses grow and thrive by making our platform the most accessible place on earth for our clients to find their next collaboration opportunity.

You can connect with Prashant on LinkedIn.