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Meet Gabriella Haralambous of JOMI London

Isn’t it funny how interconnected we can be in this massive world?

One quiet morning, Pra was having a coffee at Caribou in JBR when she bumped into Pav, the most awesome Reformer Pilates teacher (check her out here). They delved into some coffee chit chat and soon they were talking about The Caviar Spoon and what Pra had in store for the site. That led to Pav mentioning the babywear brand started and run by her mother and two sisters in London, and the offer to introduce Pra to her equally fab sis Gabriella, the mastermind behind it all.

As soon as we saw JOMI’s style and designs, we were sold! Aside from the fact that we adore brands built with love and a great backstory, the clothes are bright, cheery, and packed with personality, and designed for wee ones ages 0-6 years.

We eagerly reached out to Gabriella to find out more about her and this super fun mum-and-daughter company.

The Story

It all started back in the ‘80s when Gabriella’s mother would draw fun little characters and print them onto her daughters’ t-shirts just for fun.

Gabriella, her sisters, and a friend, wearing her mother’s designs back in the day!

Gabriella, her sisters, and a friend, wearing her mother’s designs back in the day!

Fast forward a few decades and JOMI was born. The family decided to share their memories by reviving those characters from childhood and making them available to little ones worldwide. The mother-daughter team is not lacking in the creativity department. Gabriella is a textile design artist and her sister works in fashion marketing for a global luxury retailer. Talk about the perfect formula for starting a clothing line!


Coming from a Greek background, the JOMI ladies are constantly surrounded by large families and it is their absolute joy to be able to bring some colour and fun into all of their lives!

Q&A With Gabriella Haralambous

The super talented Gabriella Haralambous

The super talented Gabriella Haralambous

If I weren’t a human, I’d be a mermaid. – Gabriella

Who are your influencers?
We really love the Moomins, the fairytale creatures who bear a close resemblance to hippos created by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. The Moomins are central characters in a series of books and comic strips which have now expanded their reach in all kinds of products for kids. The ‘dare to dream’ aspect of the Moomins as they venture out on many adventures is what we feel the JOMIs do and it’s all about offering kids that spirit of adventure!

For those with a passion, what’s your advice?
Passion breeds success! Without passion there is no business. With passion comes determination and drive, but you also need to do your research to find out whether there’s room for your product or service within your chosen industry. You have to ask yourself the question – Am I satisfying a need or creating a need? The thing to also ask yourself is – If I don’t give this a shot, will I regret it? If the answer is ‘yes’ then, go for it!


Favourite place to create?
Favourite place to create has to be the outdoors, where my mind can run wild. Imagination needs space to evolve and grow into all weird and wonderful things!

Favourite fashion item?
The gold scarab beetle charm which was given to me by my Egyptian grandfather at my christening. In ancient Egyptian religion the scarab was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection. I’m not superstitious, but it has a strong meaning and the fact that it was a present from my grandfather makes it a prized possession.

What’s on your bedside table at the moment?
My jewelry which lives in my Yoshitomo Nara bowl designed by the Japanese artist who is known for his caricatures of fiendish, wide-eyed animals. The book I’m currently reading and can’t get enough of, ‘The Girl on the Train’, a psychological thriller by British author Paula Hawkins. My alarm clock, bedside lamp, and without fail, a glass of water!


Your everyday style vs. your night on the town style
My fail-safe daily outfit are my boyfriend jeans, and at the moment I’m loving my washed out jeans by Madewell. A loose fitted white t-shirt, pair of simple black Roshe Nike trainers and my dainty jewelry with gold pendants which I never take off complete my daytime look! When I’m going ‘Out-Out’, I’ll switch the trainers out for my go-to Givenchy strappy sandals, add a silk cami top and my Maison Margiela rings.

Most solid piece of advice
“The world is changed by your example not by your opinion” – Paolo Coelho

Best gift you’ve ever given or received?
My baby girl growing inside my tummy has to be the perfect gift of all!

Pra Says

The TCS team is currently baby-less but we know plenty of folks whose kids would dig the JOMI style! We adore the creativity and the story of how the brand started.
Oh, and congratulations on your wee one, Gabriella!!


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