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11.02.2020 | Read

Meet Rosh, the co-founder of humble warrior drinks

We love celebrating strong, successful humans here at The Caviar Spoon. These are the women and men who are working it and owning it in life, work, and everything in between. Our newest #rebelleboss is Rosh, of humble warrior.  Not only is it refreshing to share inspirational insights into the highs (and sometimes lows) of business but it’s an ideal way to find brands to collaborate with. 

Find out more about the ideal collaboration idea for Rosh together with an overview of Rosh and Andy’s story to date.  While you guys are getting inspired, we are hustling to make the collaboration idea happen!


Q&A With Rosh

When did the AHA moment happen?

I was looking for a drink I’d grown up with – Nelle juice –  made with this incredible plant called amla – a small green gooseberry and the highest antioxidant by weight on the planet. Andy (my co-founder) and I went out looking for it and the only amla we could find was in powders and tablets. It was then we realized that people were missing out on all these incredible plants because they’ve been relegated to the health aisles when they should be part of our everyday and really easy to enjoy.

Competition is fierce – how do you keep the edge?

I don’t come from a food & beverage background and neither does Andy. We think this is a bit of a blessing because we’re not anchored to any conventional wisdom. The food & beverage industry is changing fast and this allows us to be completely open when we think about what our drinkers want. At the end of the day, we’re all about creating a drinking experience that goes beyond anything else on the market and consistently wows.

If you could turn back the clock to when you started out, what’s one thing you would change immediately?

When we started out I think we under-estimated the time it takes to build a successful brand. I truly believe anything that is going to last and make a genuine impact on the world is going to take a hell of a lot of time to build. So I’d probably go back and tell myself to pace myself a bit – think long term, approach it more like a marathon and try not to be impacted too much by the daily ups and downs.

Proudest moment/achievement so far?

We spent 6 months working day and night on our new sparkling range – perfecting recipes, revisiting every part of our product from the bottles to the caps and boxes to make everything as recyclable and sustainable as possible… and giving our branding a nice facelift. Seeing that first run of bottles come down the line at production was a special moment!


Has fear stopped you from trying out an idea where you ended up missing an opportunity? If so, what was it and how did you overcome?

Not yet! And I hope to keep it that way. We have a set of values at humble warrior that we call “the warrior way”. They guide everything we do: be bold, be personal and be conscious. It means that whenever it feels like we might be going down a path because it is the safe option, we ask ourselves – are we being true to the brand and what we value most.

One time someone said you couldn’t do something and you proved them wrong?

We are forging a new category in drinks here. Our drinks sit in this big bit of white space between the world of soft drinks and alcohol – they’re all 0% alcohol but we use plants that have not been used before and craft techniques not usually used with soft drinks. Because we are doing something completely new, we will inevitably be questioned and challenged. With every new listing, I feel like we are proving any doubters wrong!

What are your tricks for calming nerves and maintaining focus before a big moment?

Meditation – even two mins on the train – helps. Focusing on my breath going in and out immediately calms me. My other inspo is Rocky Balboa. A quick 1-2, 1-2 air punch gets me in the zone and the adrenalin moving – before anything big.

The best tip in juggling workloads?

Prioritize, be disciplined with time and don’t worry about the to-do list. When it comes to work, most things can wait.

What’s one thing you wish people knew or understood about your world?

Edible plants are nature’s best kept secret. There are around 300,000 of them in the world, and yet most of us experience just 200 of them. humble warrior is all about uncovering the world of plants so that more of us can enjoy what’s out there.

What would your Billboard say (your personal life mantra quote)?

Don’t be a bystander.

Best book or podcast?

The Tim Ferriss show. I am a bit of an addict.

Best social media app or tip that has helped you?

We use content from lots of different places and Sked social is a lifesaver for our business

Tell us about your ideal collaboration – what would it look like?

humble warrior is all about sharing the feeling of connection. So it would be all about bringing people together for a shared experience for the greater good. A humble warrior takeover of the Tate Modern or Somerset House where people bring food for people in need and in return get an immersive experience of art, dancing and fun fueled by humble warrior. That’d be a dream!



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