Charlotte Posner

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Meet Charlotte Posner

We love celebrating strong, successful humans here at The Caviar Spoon. These are the women and men who are working it and owning it in life, work, and everything in between. Our newest #rebelleboss is London based contemporary artist and collaboration Queen Charlotte Posner. Not only is it refreshing to share inspirational insights into the highs (and sometimes lows) of business but it’s an ideal way to find brands to collaborate with. If you haven’t heard of Charlotte then today is seriously your lucky day. Not only the creator of the Charlotte Posner “Pop Dolls” but also an absolute advocate of clever collaborations ranging from Brown Thomas, Louis Vuitton, Shiseido through to painted perfume bottles called “Notes on Notes” for a collaboration between the Royal Philiharmonic and Harrods.

Our kind of girl… all sounds an easy breezy ride?…..

Charlotte Posner

Charlotte Posner

When did the AHA moment happen?

This has happened a few times. Firstly being when I got into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition I cried (the largest art competition in the world). After that, it has been when I saw my products in Brown Thomas Dublin, to seeing someone in the street wearing my bag!

Competition is fierce – how do you remain true whilst standing out?  

Dedication, motivation and persistence and staying true to myself. I don’t ever compare myself to anyone, I think you can drive yourself crazy thinking of how you can be like others. I focused my energy on being the most creative and spontaneous I can be! I try not to worry about competitors. Art is very personal and unique and I face every challenge with my optimistic point of view. 

If you could turn back the clock to when you started out, what’s one thing you would change immediately?    

Not worrying so much! Life is to be enjoyed and I always put so much pressure on myself to keep producing and working and worrying. I should have stopped all the worrying and enjoy the process! 

Has fear stopped you from trying out an idea where you ended up missing an opportunity? 

Not really, I aim to be fearless. I don’t think about the past and what has happened. I always aim forward planning and thinking about what I can make, what I can be, how I can create more and move forward. 

Tell us about a time someone said you couldn’t do something and you proved them wrong. 

A  friend when I graduated from the university said ‘you will never make it as an artist.’ And I proved her wrong! I really do try and surround myself with people who are optimistic and believe in the same things as me, who share my values and views.  

What’s one thing you wish people knew or understood about your world?

I work in a very unorganized mess but it really works for me. I jump from project to project but in a way that everything gets done on time and well thanks to a great team around me who understand the way I work. I also don’t plan things before working on them, I just let my creativity flow. For example, if I was painting a commission I would just go straight in!  

Give us a book that we need to read

The Artist’s way.. I haven’t read it yet but I can’t wait to read it! It’s sitting by my bed ready for when I have the chance. Two of my closest friends are reading it and it’s totally changed their lives! It’s a 12-week course and it’s a spiritual way to open your creativity up! 

Best social media app or tip for growing followers without huge spend

Post post post!!! Don’t worry if people tell you that you are posting too much. Just do! If you want to sell something or you are creative, make an account and show your business to the world!   

Ask us a question!

What is your spirit animal? 

The best question you have EVER been asked  

What superpower do you have?

One Rebelleboss we need to profile next 

Will have to be my sister Rachel Cummings with Megabooth. She’s the founder of a huge successful photobooth company by starting with an old little Mini and converting it into a photobooth. 

What kind of brands would you be interested in hearing from for potential future collaborations 

Open to ideas! 

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Take a peek at Charlotte Posner here


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