All-Season Elegance at W Hotel Verbier

05.03.2024 | Read

Nestled among the majestic peaks of Valais Canton, Verbier is more than just a village – it’s a destination that captures the essence of Alpine living, one that has truly captured our hearts. From lively nights at Farinet Bar to leisurely après-ski lunches at Carrefor’s terrace, every moment here feels perfectly in tune with the rhythm of life.

With a setting like this, it’s no wonder that Verbier attracts a star-studded clientele, with names like the Beckhams, Jamie Oliver, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bono gracing its slopes. Even James Blunt has a lift named after him! But beyond the celebrity allure, Verbier holds a magnetic charm that draws visitors back time and time again. We went with our skis but will definitely be returning with our hiking boots!

Part of Switzerland’s sprawling 4 Vallees ski area, Verbier boasts 144 runs spread over 400km, ensuring endless adventures for skiers of all levels. Its south-facing aspect means ample sunshine and stunning vistas, creating an irresistible backdrop for winter sports enthusiasts and sunseekers alike.

But Verbier isn’t just for the avid skier – it’s a place where anyone can find their groove. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, immersing yourself in the legendary après scene, or simply soaking in the mountain views, there’s something here for everyone.

And amidst this Alpine paradise lies the W Verbier hotel, crowned multiple times as the World’s Best Ski Hotel. Perched at 1,531 meters, it seamlessly blends traditional Swiss charm with with a personality as on-point as its mountainous position. Just a stone’s throw from the main Médran ski lift, it offers easy access to winter adventures and summer pursuits like mountain biking and hiking.

Luxury abounds at the W Verbier, where the mantra of “Whatever, Whenever” ensures guests’ every need is met with seamless efficiency. The hotel’s interiors defy convention, eschewing the minimalist aesthetic for a style that’s uniquely Alpine yet unmistakably W. From the Wonderful Room to the opulent bi-level Extreme Wow Suite, each space exudes an air of personalised luxury that perfectly complements Verbier’s vibrant spirit.

Image credit: Melody Sky

Image credit: Melody Sky

Image credit: Melody Sky

Getting There: A scenic prelude

Arriving in Geneva marks the beginning of an adventure, setting the stage for a scenic journey ahead. Whether you opt for an Alpy bus ride or prefer hitting the road yourself, the hotel ensures your car is well-cared for, and your skis find a cosy temporary home.

Style and Atmosphere

While you have the option to indulge in luxury chalets, let me share a nugget of wisdom: don’t judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to the W Verbier. At first glance, you might question its fit amidst the rustic charm of Verbier village. But once you set eyes on the property nestled by the Medran lift, any doubts vanish. Thanks to the brilliant designers who have seamlessly blended the global allure of the W brand with the cosy vibe of Verbier village, the result is simply fabulous. It’s a testament to the harmonious fusion of local charm and international sophistication.

Spread across four charming chalet-style structures, seamlessly linked by frosted glass atria, the interior pays a chic tribute to Swiss design, featuring the iconic hues of red, white, and wood. Yet, it does so with a playful, modern twist – whimsical art pieces, including a painted cow and a colossal red plastic T-Rex, add a touch of creative flair.

The traditional wooden beams  are adorned with awards like a superstar on the red carpet – from global recognitions in the Top 100 hotels to being crowned the jewel of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, World’s Best Ski Hotel, and the pinnacle of the World’s Luxury Spa Awards.

In this space, chic effortlessly mingles with unpretentious charm, attracting a diverse clientele from the UK, Australia, India, to the USA.

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier


The W crew, a lively mix chosen not just for their skills but for their unique personalities, operates seamlessly from the front desk to the boot room, embodying the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

In an exceptional show of dedication, within a swift 5 minutes of our return with a partner nursing a calf muscle strain, they seamlessly appeared with a vacuum-packed a bag of ice to alleviate the swelling – all without a single request. This isn’t just customer care; it’s an art form, and the W crew has mastered it.

Boudoir Experience

W Verbier doesn’t do cookie-cutter rooms. With 123 rooms and 7 W Residences, W Verbier crafts a blend of contemporary and traditional with a playful touch.

During our stay, we indulged in the Spectacular Room – with a king size bed, beautiful mountain view, spacious balcony, and fireplace. Picture a beautiful blend of Alpine charm with modern elegance. It steers clear of the typical Swiss wood and dark tones, avoiding the bling associated with ultra-modern aesthetics found in other W properties.

A brilliant fireplace delineates the bathroom to a boudoir adorned with tartan, wood, and a plethora of amenities – from bespoke water and Nespresso to an abundance of delightful nibbles. Special kudos to Davinas products!

Storage is thoughtfully arranged, the shower delivers, and the bold red walls complement a spacious bathtub – perhaps nudging sustainability norms but counterbalanced by Hensman robes and recycling bins. Add daily cleaning flexibility with Marriott points, and you’re invited into an alluring, thought-provoking Alpine retreat, subtly infused with the enigmatic allure of W.

An Alpine version of the W brand might seem like mixing oil and water, but in Verbier, they’ve nailed it. Modern meets Mountain vibes – a perfect fusion of the W’s red-themed brand with the essence of Swiss mountains. Abundant storage, a captivating fireplace, and a generous balcony with mountain panoramas culminated in a truly exceptional stay.

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Quaff & Cuisine

Whether you’re bedding down for the night or just dropping by, the dining options here are a feast for the senses all year round. From the bustling energy of W Off Piste to the Chef’s Signature cuisine at Bô! Restaurant, there’s a dish to satisfy every craving.

As the sun sets, the après-ski scene comes alive with DJ beats at W Off Piste, setting the stage for unforgettable evenings. And if handcrafted cocktails are your thing, you simply must try the W Spicy Margarita at W Living Room – it’s a personal favourite of ours!

During our three-night stay, we found ourselves returning to the Eat-Hola Tapas Bar not once, but twice. And each time, we were greeted with the same exceptional flavours and impeccable service that made us feel right at home. Trust us, this is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Fitness and Relaxation: Wellness Unleashed

Reflecting walls guide you to the spa, an oasis of tranquillity equipped with a sauna, hammam, a state-of-the-art 24/7 FIT gym, and a pool blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Take the plunge from inside to out, a sensory awakening like no other! Ready for a bout of cryotherapy?

Explore further to uncover nine treatment rooms adorned with Swiss beauty brands Alpeor and Dr. Pauline Burgener. Le Spa isn’t just a spa; it’s a stylish escape.

Image credit: W Verbier

Image credit: W Verbier

Eco-Conscious Luxury

The W Verbier doesn’t just embrace environmental consciousness; it invites you to be part of it. A minimal daily service routine champions eco-friendliness, and every 3 nights, plush sheets and towels, synonymous with the opulence of W Verbier get a refresh. Your green commitment? Rewarded with 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points per night.

Participation is entirely at your discretion, allowing you to curate your stay experience. A simple 24-hour notice provides the flexibility to strike that perfect balance between indulgence and personal preference.

Creative Spaces: A Symphony of Art

The W hotel’s approach to collaborations is truly inspiring. Their collaboration with local women and artists from Verbier has proven to be a stroke of genius, injecting new life and energy into their spaces. From the whimsical ‘Strike a Pose’ Selfie Booth, curated by the ingenious Christopher Le Courtre (tip: try it after sipping some spicy margaritas for an extra dash of fun!), to the captivating Graffiti Bear Sculpture by Richard Orlinski, each collaboration adds a layer of personality to the hotel.

Among these remarkable collaborations, one of our absolute favourites is with the exceptionally talented and gorgeous Melody Sky. Her artwork brings a captivating and distinctively local flavour to the ambiance of the W hotel and the surrounding Verbier area. It’s wonderful to see local talent being celebrated and showcased in such a stunning setting! Keep an eye out for Melody’s beautiful pieces during your stay – they’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

Image credit: W Verbier


In Summary: An Alpine Elegance Extravaganza

All in all, the W Verbier isn’t just another luxury hotel – it has a heartbeat. It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s a vibrant hub that perfectly captures the essence of mountain life, whether you’re hitting the slopes or exploring hiking trails. But what really sets it apart is its commitment to giving back to the local community through sophisticated and beautiful brand collaborations.