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Meet Suzie Godfrey of The Sweet Reason Company

We love celebrating strong, successful women here at The Caviar Spoon, which is why we’ve created ReBelles. These are the women who are working it and owning it! This week, we’re featuring Suzie Godfrey of The Sweet Reason Company.

You know what they say: “A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.”
But it just might be worth it for the sweet treats Suzie Godfrey creates over at The Sweet Reason Company, her brainchild business concept which sells the prettiest bespoke brownie gift boxes.

We caught up with this ReBelle womanpreneur after her company caught our sweet tooth eye, and chatted her up to find out more about her background, her inspirations, and the lessons she’s learned in launching her own business.

Read on for Suzie’s story + find out how YOU could win one of her super yummy brownie gift boxes!

[UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed]

You could win this Bespoke Brownie & Tea Gift Box!

You could win this Bespoke Brownie & Tea Gift Box!

The Story

Inspiration and ideas come in the most bizarre forms, in the most unlikely of places, from the most unexpected roots. Suzie Godfrey has a Computing Science degree and worked for years as a web manager in the marketing and IT departments for finance companies. So how exactly did she go from tech to treats?

The Christmas Brownie Bites Gift Box (32 Bites)

The Christmas Brownie Bites Gift Box (32 Bites)

It all started one day in October of 2013 during afternoon tea at Claridge’s with her husband. This was their annual ritual—picking a top London hotel and sampling their champagne afternoon tea. And so there they were, indulging in endless pots of tea and scones and brainstorming over a glass of bubbles when that “a-ha!” moment happened.

It had been an idea brewing in Suzie’s mind for years but it finally became something more that afternoon when she decided that she wanted to share this experience that she loved and cherished so much, with others.

Q&A With Suzie Godfrey

The Mince Pie and Baileys Brownie Bites Gift Box

The Mince Pie and Baileys Brownie Bites Gift Box

Tell us about the name ‘The Sweet Reason Company’?

Coming up with a name for the company was one of the hardest parts. Many names we came up with were either being used already, or had legal links to other companies. It was so tricky! Luckily my mother-in-law Gill, who used to work in marketing, came up with “The Sweet Reason Company”, in one of our many brain storming sessions. So I owe the name to Gill Godfrey. Thank you, Gill!

Tell us your thinking behind the Brand design and colors?

I love the Sweet Reason brand design! The brand was born from combining my favourite contemporary colours (all of our walls at home are painted grey!), and my adoration of the English afternoon tea tradition with all its pretty teapots, cake stands, tea cups and saucers.


What’s your DNA? Why you, not others?

I’m told I am super organised and particularly good at multi-tasking—remembering the finer details of everything that needs to be done. I think this really helps when you have your own business, as there is so much to juggle. Being very determined and loving a challenge is also my key!

How do you measure success?

I am sure most people would say the same—that success is when you and your family are happy. I am, for the first time in my life, finding the right balance between family life and work, which feels great. I genuinely love my work and really enjoy having an enthusiastic team helping me reach my goals.

What do you struggle with now?

I have 2 adorable children—Theo (age 7) and Sophia (age 4). Being part of their world with all the logistics of school runs, homework, etc., is really important to me. But learning to compartmentalise work and home life can be a challenge. I work at it every day…but sometimes it is hard!

The biggest learning lesson since opening up your business?

Sweet Reason launched just over 2 years ago and I think I have learnt more in the last 2 years that at any other part of my career. Before I launched Sweet Reason I read a ‘how to start your own business’ book, then I just got on with it…how little did I know!

Apart from it being hugely rewarding and incredible to have total control of my life, it is also one of the hardest jobs I have ever done. At the beginning you have to do it all… you are the creator, the manager, the entrepreneur, the accountant, the bookkeeper, the administrator and every other role required. So yes, it has been hard work!

What advice would you give to women looking to succeed in the workplace or in their own business?

Life is short, so make the most of every opportunity. Setting up my own business was the best career choice I have ever made.


When the going gets tough you…

When it gets hard, I try and relax! Taking a step back sometimes can be more productive than digging deeper and getting further immersed in the stress. I go to a PowerPlate studio for short workouts to clear my head and give me a boost. My husband Alex has also introduced me to Headspace. It’s a great tool to unwind the mind and take some time out…I highly recommend it!

What’s your one piece of advice on how achieve a work/life balance?

I guess this is linked to my earlier answer…try to compartmentalise work and family and make sure you get grown-up time. Alex and I have regular date nights and I catch up with girl friends too. When I launched the business, I wasn’t very good at compartmentalising, and it just created stressful situations, but now I think I am pretty good, most days!


In 24 months’ time, The Sweet Reason Company will look like this…

We have big plans at Sweet Reason, it is all very exciting! Jon, Holly, Jackie and I are all passionate and have a lot of plans for scaling up the company, introducing new products and spreading the word to a lot more people about the Sweet Reason experience!

Watch this space!

A start-up company you most admire and why

Hotel Chocolat is so inspirational! In 1988, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris began designing and selling mints as “MMC”, before moving to chocolates…that is how it all began for Hotel Chocolat. Their company is now on the Stock Exchange and Angus and Peter are still on board…I wouldn’t mind knowing a few of their secrets to success!

One lady in business who deserves a shout out is…. And why?

Mary Portas is a great role model of a successful business woman. Not only has she created her own success, but she gives so much back to the community. We love that idea at Sweet Reason and we are working on our own plans to be “a company that gives”.

Your motivational quote

A cup of tea solves everything

The person you most respect is…

There are a few people I have a huge amount of respect for so this is very tricky…names that pop into my mind are my Mum, Dad, also Jon, Holly and Jackie. But right now I think my husband Alex tops it. He gets up at 5am every single day and performs his rituals of exercise, personal development and Headspace all before the rest of the house stirs at 6am.

It sets him up for the day and brings a real quality to his life and to us as family as a result. He is so determined and it is very admirable. I also get brought a cup of tea in bed every day which definitely gives him this vote!

Editor’s note: A cup of tea in bed every morning? Where can we find an Alex of our own?

Your life mantra
Be grateful and be happy



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