Eco-Conscious & Creative: Wyatt Hairdressing in Johannesburg

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Meet Wyatt Hairdressing & Barbering

We hate to be so cliché but there really is something about us women and our hair, right? We’re very particular about who cuts it and how, layers or no layers, extensions or natural, air dry or blow dry…the list goes on!

In particular, when we want to get it coloured, well, we want it done right.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to get creative with my hair colour. No longer working in an office where I was bound by dress codes and stodgy bosses, I finally had the freedom to do something funky and untraditional. I wanted to try the “oil slick” trend that had been making the rounds and so set out to find the right salon.

No one wants to end up with a stylist who just doesn’t get what you want and leaves you looking like a raver circa 1995, and not in the cool “owning it” kind of way. Although I was all about embracing the funky side, I still wanted to find a way to blend it with my everyday aesthetic which mostly consists of neutral, minimalist clothing and super low maintenance hair care.

After hunting around, I discovered Wyatt Hairdressing, located at the gorgeous hidden enclave of 44 Stanley in Johannesburg (I’ve waxed poetic about this area before). Candice Wyatt-Minter, the owner, is an internationally acclaimed stylist who turns hair cutting, styling, and colouring into a total art form, and the team she has hired to support her vision is equally creative and talented. (You can read more about her here.)

(photo supplied)

(photo supplied)

Soon after, I was in the crisp and clean loft-like space consulting with Guinevere, one of Wyatt’s longtime stylists. I showed her various inspiration photos and she just got it. Quiet, petite, and with that natural cool kid vibe, she deftly went to work on my hair as I zoned out.

A few hours later, I emerged with a brand new look that was even better than I had imagined. There were subtle streaks of various dark blues and aubergines, with a few bright pops of fuchsia. It was fun, fresh, untraditional, and a reflection of the new creative direction my life was taking. I was in love.

Since then, I’ve only trusted Guinevere and Wyatt Hairdressing with my hair. The last time I went, I vaguely said that I was bored again and wanted to do something fun and could I leave it up to her? Mid-way through the process, I curiously asked what to expect and found out that she was doing a dark rainbow, which turned out brilliantly. What I especially loved is that she took into consideration how the colours would evolve as they faded over time, knowing that I have no inclination for doing touch-ups.

(By the way, I know these colours aren’t for everyone. Wyatt Hairdressing is just as skilled at natural hair colours as they are with the creative ones!)

Wyatt Hairdressing is an eco-conscious salon that embraces sustainable beauty (they’re devoted to the cruelty-free Italian brand Davines) and they make every effort to reduce their environmental impact, from recycling to preparing cloth hand towels in the restroom to serving beverages in stainless steel cups made to last.

The attractive and comfortable waiting area in the centre of the salon.

The attractive and comfortable waiting area in the centre of the salon.

The all-white interior is airy and filled with natural sunlight and lush greenery. Staying true to the building’s industrial roots, the main part of the space has a soaring ceiling that leads the eye up to the corrugated metal roof and exposed beams from which pendant lights and plants hang. It’s the kind of place where you feel like you can actually breathe. What a welcome sanctuary after years spent in salons where you’re surrounded by the suffocating fumes of sprays, chemicals, and dyes whirling around teensy tiny spaces.

(photo supplied)

(photo supplied)

I assume most of you will relate but going to a salon is just as much about getting a much-needed escape from the real world as it is about getting your hair done. Wyatt is a calming haven that makes me completely zen out (though I did once guiltily pull out my laptop while waiting for the dye to set because of unrelenting deadlines). And the scalp massage you receive while they wash your hair is enough to make you melt into a purring puddle of bliss.

On top of that, Guinevere and the rest of the staff are intuitive and passionate about what they do. They’ll always recommend using quality hair products, but they’ll never ever pressure you or make you feel like you’ve committed “hair”esy if you opt to keep using whatever is in your bathroom at the moment.

It takes a small bite out of my wallet each time, mostly because of the whole multiple-colour process, but is actually quite affordable given the quality of their services and products, and the overall environment. Besides, the indulgence of treating myself is well worth it…and I get to feel good about supporting an eco-friendly salon.

Wyatt Hairdressing, you have my heart and my hair!

(Don’t forget to read our #ReBelle interview with Candice Wyatt-Minter to get know the fierce woman responsible for making Wyatt Hairdressing what it is today.)

The various colour work done by Guinevere & Wyatt Hairdressing

The various colour work done by Guinevere & Wyatt Hairdressing


44 Stanley Ave., Milpark, Johannesburg, South Africa

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