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How often do we get to be thisclose to a hair stylist to the stars? We could barely sit still when we heard that Rossano Ferretti, who has a client list that includes people like Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek (no big deal), and salons spread from Madrid to Monaco to Beijing, had opened up a salon right here in Dubai.

Actually, it’s a hair spa.


Perhaps it’s just me but I feel like Dubai – in fact the UAE – just doesn’t have the same calibre of hair talent as other countries. Being a wannabe blonde, I’ve flown back to the UK to see my stylist who does my foils and asked him to write down, step by step, the colour mix and toner required for my hair. I’ve then taken this information to colourists across Dubai, verbally confirming the steps and yet…

It’s just never been the same colour or quality.

There are also the instances when I’ve been advised that I only need to return to the salon every 12 weeks for a root touch-up. Let me tell you – 12 weeks is FAR too long for that! I tried it once and a dear friend attempted to reassure me that the root look was “in” this season. I’d be in board meetings and could actually see people’s gazes gradually shift from my eyes to my roots.

The actual haircuts (at least the ones I’ve received) have all left a little something to be desired. Everything from having “just a 2 cm trim” translated to chopping off a full inch or more, to being advised that a blunt fringe would look fab when my hair goes from straight to frizz in 0.2 seconds the moment there’s a drop of moisture in the air.

And extensions? All this girl wants is natural, bouncy hair that makes her feel like a princess…not pre-1997 Michael Bolton.

Maybe I’m too picky or have been spoilt by my go-to UK stylist. Who knows. But the fact of the matter is, I live in Dubai and can’t hop on a plane every time I want a trim or a root touch-up!

This brings us back to Rossano Ferretti.

Tash from Tish Tash PR mentioned the new hair spa and I was all in. My hair at that point was desperately in need of a good cut and style so the first visit was going to be about experiencing Rossano’s signature technique “The Method”, or Il Metodo.

This cutting technique takes into account the unique way each person’s hair falls, and then the haircut is customised “according to the hair type and the characteristics of the individual person”. The Method is about working with and enhancing everyone’s natural beauty, instead of trying to force a cut or style that just does not work. Let’s call it art for the hair!


Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa is situated in an unassuming villa next to the Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach. As soon as you walk in, though, you know you’re going to have an experience.

The staff are immaculately groomed, the space is calming with an upmarket feel, minus the vibe that might normally make you feel out of place if you walk in wearing your thongs and weekend-ready sundress.

The experience starts in their salubrious reception area with slick but comfy leather chairs and a big flat screen, on which you can watch the Rossano Ferretti story and learn more about The Method cut. It’s a chill environment that lets you begin the process of unwinding for a good pampering session.


So as far as first impressions go, the moment I walked into the salon, I was in love. I’m not shy about admitting that I’m materialistic. Why shouldn’t we ReBelles feel like we’re walking into a salon that looks like a million dollars and leaves us feeling like a million dollars…without spending a million dollars? (Make no mistake, this salon is an indulgence but there’s a difference between paying for quality and feeling like you’ve overpaid.)

The salon is upstairs with an interior that it subtly fabulous. Forget all those trendy salons and the “trying too hard” urban look. At Rossano Ferretti, the look is rich, uncompromising, and delectable without making you feel uncomfortable.

One of my pet peeves is paying for a wash and simply getting a quick rinse instead, as though it’s just an afterthought and not an additional service. At this salon, the hair washing itself is an experience and the head massage…wow. It will make you melt. (If all of the salons in Dubai gave topnotch shampoo and head massages, I have no doubt that we’d all be clambering for seats to indulge ourselves on a regular basis!)

After that glorious hair wash, I sat in a dreamy haze as Yana, my stylist, proceeded to work on The Method to fix my sad hair. She took into account everything a stylist should – hair texture, type, face shape – and the outcome was that Pra walked out with her head held high!


A few weeks later, I started getting curious about Rossano Ferretti’s hair extensions. Although that cut had done wonders, I still wanted that long-haired princess look! And so I took the plunge by returning to the salon to meet with Donna (check her out on Instagram @donnaloveshair), who was an angel as she talked me through the process.

Coincidentally, when I returned, Tash herself was having Donna do the final touches on her extensions, which left me feeling even more reassured that I had finally found The Perfect Place For Extensions.

Donna expertly put in the extensions and that was then followed up by another incredible cut and colour. The technique was spot-on from start to finish, allowing the extensions to blend in seamlessly with my natural hair.

It’s also ridiculously easy to style my hair now. I just give it a good curl in the morning, set it with some spray, and don’t think twice about it for the rest of the day. I also don’t have to wash and style on a daily basis which means that my natural hair is protected, as is the colour (which is a perfect match).

On the downside, some of the extensions fell out sooner than I had hoped but it was no fault of Donna or the salon. This was all on me because I simply didn’t listen to Donna’s advice. Luckily, I was able to book another appointment with her, got the issue fixed, and left with perfect hair (again).

Note to self: always listen to the pro stylist. That includes not letting other stylists put conditioner in your hair or yanking at them whilst blowdrying! These will all shorten the lifespan of your hair.


I firmly believe that Rossano Ferretti Dubai will take over the hair scene. The staff are highly skilled (with some straight from the Milan salon), and the environment is as delightful as the services themselves. They are also competitively priced and whilst you’ll no doubt feel a bit of a pinch on the card, you’ll walk away feeling like a princess and without any regrets. (After all, hair is key for women! Bad hair easily equals bad feelings about oneself.)

One of the things that I’ve truly fallen in love with is that rather than twiddling my thumbs and being bored, I can lap up the luxurious environment and overindulge with the beauty therapists whilst having my hair done. It’s a full pamper session and something that you’ll feel is well-deserved after a tough week (or month) at work!

*The Caviar Spoon was hosted by Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa for the initial haircut. However, all opinions are most definitely our own!


Villa 306, Jumeirah Beach Road

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