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Why are we so tickled by the Click N Curl UK?

Maybe you want soft waves like Selena Gomez…or tons of volume and big curls like hair goddess Brigitte Bardot.










But instead: You find yourself standing in the bathroom, dryer in one hand and a round brush in the other, trying to coordinate your limbs as you attempt to get that beautiful, bouncy hair you see on the red carpet. Or trying to maneuver that curling iron to the back of your head without burning yourself. And then you realize that your hair is tangled in the brush, you’ve pulled a shoulder muscle, and there’s almost certainly the telltale scent of singed hair in the air.

The worst part? Your hair is still limp and barely has a curl to show for your rather painful efforts.

Like many women, I’ve searched high and low for that perfect tool to tame my unruly hair into soft curls with enough body to withstand the hot Dubai days. I’ve spent a small fortune on a collection of tools and gadgets that all promised bombshell hair at home but instead left me underwhelmed. That is until I discovered the Click N Curl UK.

It is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve purchased to date when it comes to my hair.

Over the years, I’ve tried tons of GHD products to varying levels of success. I love the company but I just cannot manage to get a curl using their straightener. I’ve also collected 5 of their brushes in an effort to do the hot brush blow dry at home. The hot-cold effect really smoothes out the hair and sets curls BUT in attempting to master this popular salon technique, I had to deal with blow drying my hair while having brush handles hanging all over the place and it never ended well.

Curling tongs have left me yelping in pain after accidentally burning myself and the resulting curls aren’t exactly spot on. Trying to get the back sections of my hair is always difficult and I can never get a good grip.

Another styling tool that I’ve tried? The Cloud Nine O. This was actually one of my favorites because it’s easier to use but the rollers never got hot enough to keep that bouncy curl. Plus, have you seen the size of the carrying case? It’s fine if you only use these at home but when hot rollers force me to sacrifice 3 pairs of shoes for suitcase space…well, we can safely say that the love affair will be a short one.

But the Click N Curl UK…this product is the perfect marriage of hot brush blow dries and hot rollers. The ceramic vented roller heads actually detach from the handle, transforming it from a brush to a roller in one go. You start off blow drying your hair with the roller brush and then go straight into rolling up the hair and leaving in the roller to set. By the time your hair and the rollers have cooled down, you’ll be saying hello to salon-worthy locks.


The ceramic barrels are what give you those bouncy curls and beautiful shine and the longer bristles are gentle on the hair while gripping the head when rolled. (That being said, I’ve discovered that the barrels don’t grip as well on fine hair so having some clips to hold them in place would be a nice touch.) Whether you just want smooth and luxe body or lush bombshell waves, it’s incredibly easy to use without suffering third-degree burns or looking like you just woke up (and not in a good way).

Originally from the USA, the Click N Curl UK brand came to life when it became clear that there was market for such a simple yet effective product. The detachable handle makes it easy to achieve the salon blow dry look—something that most people (like me) couldn’t copy at home before now. In addition, the barrels are lightweight so they don’t weigh down your hair or your luggage.

The barrels come in 3 different sizes, so depending on your hair length and the type of curls and volume you want, you can choose the set that works best for your needs. The small ones (1.25 in. diameter) are great for short or chin length hair while the medium barrels (2 in.) are recommended for mid- to shoulder-length hair. Finally, the large ones (2.25 in.) are best for longer hair. (However, the Click N Curl is not for use on hair longer than 16 inches.) You can also purchase a separate add-on set if you need extra roller heads or want to mix up the sizes and tightness of the curls.

Click N Curl UK recommends leaving in the barrels for 35-40 minutes to really set the curls so they’ll last all the way into the next day. For a typical hot brush curled effect, use the small barrels and leave them in for the recommended time to get those lovely, tight curls.

A TCS friend kindly obliged our request to model her CNC hair transformation. Look at the curl and volume! (Accompanying glass of wine optional)

A TCS friend kindly obliged our request to model her CNC hair transformation. Look at the curl and volume! (Accompanying glass of wine optional)

Some of the most popular looks among Click N Curl users are the Hollywood red carpet blowout (use the large barrels for this look!) and vintage curls, which can be achieved by using the small rollers. If you’re just looking for some good volume and movement, use a mix of the medium and small sizes.

The only other tiny gripe I might have with this product (and it’s completely superficial as the Click N Curl itself is spectacular) is the lackluster packaging. Honestly, I really don’t think it does the product justice. I’d love to see something a bit more rich and powerful that makes you feel like the Click N Curl could really be your new best friend. Right now (and I hate to say it), it looks like just another ho-hum styling tool you might pick up at the drugstore. But again, this is minor and it clearly isn’t stopping the brand from being a smashing success.

After all, if Jaime Winstone, Chloe Sims, and Emma Freud all point to Click N Curl UK as one of the hot hair products to have, then the brand is clearly doing something right. Not to mention that even salons and stylists are on board (the Click N Curl UK sold out at the 2014 Salon International).

If you want to get your own va-va-voom curls and volume, the Click N Curl can be purchased through their website (full sets average at £33.99 and add-ons are £17.99). And be sure to check out their Instagram feed (@clickncurluk) for gorgeous before/after shots and tons of hair inspiration.

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