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Why every woman should have Killer Brows! Yep, we all have them – those strangely shaped patches of hair – the brow. And there’s no better time to get these babies into shape. Respect to the Power Brows! Do you think Audrey Hepburn sat there and thought “I’ll just have a quick tweeze now and again?” Nope – she had killer arches. And let’s not forget other beauties such as all-time fave Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” – those eyebrows HAVE to be the main reason that Edward Lewis fell for her, right?


Let’s face it ladies – eyebrows will make or break you. They are the first things we spot and they are the things that can even age you. Hard lines are so last season; manicured, soft eyebrows make the face look more youthful.

Never in my life did I think that I would end up spending the same amount and time on my eyebrows as a cut and blowdry. But that was until I discovered Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Bar in Downtown Dubai. I had recently walked away from brow bars with a frown due to average grooming techniques so it was time for a brow re-style!

For any of you who have not heard of Anastasia, then jump online immediately and book up! It could save you from major eyebrow disasters in the future. Also, Kim Kardashian lives and breathes Anastasia brow shaping so surely we need to follow in her footsteps!?!? (Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that her brows are on point!)

My “Brow Stylist” Lillyanna was awesome and cracked on with the mission on hand by first measuring the distance from mouth to nose and eyes to give the correct balance. Having had a previous nightmare with a rather gung-ho eyebrow destroyer in Dubai, this was something I desperately required.

After that, she used a stencil to map out my future super brows, which of course hugely helped in ensuring correct brow shapes on both sides before waxing. (I was always of the opinion that threading was the best way to shape brows but in short, waxing really does give you the killer shape along with a tad of light plucking).

Here came the final part – the tinting…

Having had a tint nightmare in the past where I walked away owning a fine pair of black slugs, I was a little wary of the tint but Lilyanna presented herself to be the ultimate brow queen so I decided to relax and just let the expert do her thing.

The end result was a pair of super brows tinted just enough to give definition but not dark enough to make me look alarming.

The process was then finished off with some light makeup.

Yes, the pricing is on the steep side (300 AED initially with 250 AED every 3 weeks for maintenance) BUT all girls have to love their eyebrows and let’s face it – you can’t hide them up!

Not only do Anastasia offer the best brows in town but their brow products are to die for.


Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Try Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – super in giving the ultimate brow shape every day but be conservative on color – I opted for the medium brown together with the highlighting duo pencil which highlights the brow bone.

Anastasia Highlighting Duo Pencil

Anastasia Highlighting Duo Pencil

If you fancy doing a DIY celebrity eyebrow, hop online and purchase your own stencil.

Also, this is another really good option – Sephora eyebrow thickener.


Not only do Anastasia offer the best brows in town but their brow products are to die for.

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