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Ladies, you know the deal. Whenever there’s a major event on the horizon, we start to think about what we’re going to wear, how we’re going to style our hair, and most importantly, how to get that effortless and coveted “glowing from within” look.

Pra had her bestie’s wedding coming up in a month and realised she needed to do a bit of work to restore her skin and get it back to feeling soft, smooth, and blemish-free. What’s a girl to do with just four weeks to go??

Well, I decided to embrace a four-week plan that involved treatments at the spa at Waldorf Astoria Ras al Khaimah and some gorgeous QMS Medicosmetics and VOYA Organic Beauty products. I was on a mission to turn around dehydrated skin and lethargy (quite possibly due to too much socialising) and so committed to a full month’s worth of their products ONLY.

There was no cheating on this plan!


Whether you’re attending a wedding, an end-of-year party, or some other celebratory event, you always want to put your best face forward.

Taking care of your skin and body is important but not all of us can commit to around-the-clock preparation. However, if you just focus on the month leading up to that special event, it becomes much less daunting and much more doable. There are plenty of benefits that can be reaped just in that time! And when you prep, there’s less stress which leads to achieving your targets which means you end up looking radiant without saying “I wish I had…”

In fact this goes for most things in life. All things will end up beautifully if, rather than rushing, you take the time to prep, whether you’re painting your nails or putting together that massive presentation for your big-shot client.

Beauty in general is all about prevention. Trying to fix things once it’s already too late is both futile and frustrating. In Dubai, for example, we have to take plenty of precautions in protecting ourselves from the glaring sun and the vicious skin damage it can cause.

Try this test. Stand in front of a mirror and hold your hands up to your face and take a good look. Your face, hands, and décolletage are all one. How do they look? Because they’re the first to indicate age or damage and if one of them is out of sync, then so are the others. Do you see why it’s so important to take care of them?

Pra’s party prep plan began with a spamance (spa romance) at one of our most favourite hotels nestled in Ras Al Khaimah—the Waldorf Astoria. Can we just say how much we love the gorgeous underwater-themed spa here? It really is one of our happy places. The rooms have windows overlooking the gardens so you can get pampered in an open, airy environment. (Don’t worry, no one can see in!) It was the perfect place to indulge in the full-blown Lux Lift facial, which was just fantastic. The treatment uses QMS products and is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment that brightens and tightens, hydrates and conditions. Perfect for poor, neglected skin!

Wrapped up in seaweed!

Wrapped up in seaweed!

This was followed up with a VOYA detox treatment which leaves you wrapped up in seaweed whilst lying on a flotation bed. These beds are actually quite amazing—they have numerous benefits, from speeding up the recovery of muscular or skeletal injuries and reducing swelling through to increasing endorphin production and fighting addiction and depression.

The flotation bed at the spa at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

The flotation bed at the spa at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah

Overall, it’s a pretty heavy detox and believe us when we say that you WILL feel ill if you decide to ignore the instructions to not to have a glass of wine within 24 hours after the detox. Pra being Pra, she poo-pooed the advice. Long story short, please listen to the professionals—they don’t just say these things for fun!

Over the next four weeks Pra religiously used all of the QMS creams on a daily basis before heading back for a QMS recovery facial two days before flying out for the wedding. This gave her that last bit of radiance that she needed!

The Classic Collagen Set from QMS Medicosmetics (photo: QMS)

The Classic Collagen Set from QMS Medicosmetics
(photo: QMS)

About QMS  Medicosmetics

If you’re going to try anything, start with the Classic Collagen Set that has day and night formulas. You’ll be amazed at how silky smooth your skin becomes!

The Lazy Days seaweed bath from VOYA

The Lazy Days seaweed bath from VOYA

Throughout the party prep and pamper plan, VOYA Organic Beauty products were also incorporated into Pra’s daily beauty routine, including a weekly dip in the Lazy Days Seaweed Bath for three weeks, backing off for the final week. This bath treatment not only relaxes muscles and soothes aches and pains but it supports skin regeneration and renewal and also has anti-ageing properties. This is supposedly an ancient sailor’s cure going back 300 years!

About VOYA Organic Beauty

The plan also included using their Angelicus Serratus body oil, which improves the appearance and feel of your skin and slows down the signs of ageing. It has a gorgeous fragrance that combines hints of citrus and the sea and is super nourishing to the skin!

The extensive spread of products from QMS!

The extensive spread of products from QMS!

So how did everything turn out at the end of the four-week party prep plan? Pretty darn well! Pra’s friends complimented her on her healthy-looking, glowing skin! It was certainly worth the bathroom overflowing with bottles and jars and tubes and definitely worth taking the extra time to apply all the lotions and potions.


If you’re a bride, we would recommend doing this kind of treatment program, hands down. The facials are gentle and safe to use the day before so you can walk down the aisle with that perfect glow. And if you can commit to a three or four week plan, do the detox program with your bride body workout plan and you’ll be golden!

Even if you’re not getting ready for a wedding, any of the QMS and VOYA products would be a fantastic addition to your beauty routine. Remember, if you take the time now to care for your skin and health, there’ll be a lot less headaches down the road!


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