I’ve become well-acquainted with NFT (natural frequency technology) over the past couple of months and have discovered that 1) it does wonders for your sleep and 2) it apparently does wonders for your wine. This is where the Stein Wine Wand comes into play. It sounds a bit magical, doesn’t it?

I adore a good glass of wine and the blissful decompressing that usually accompanies it. And as a wine lover, I particularly love the whole process of allowing your finest Malbec to aerate right to the point of perfection…but sometimes, you don’t have that luxury of time, whether it’s because you’re simply impatient or are truly short on time.

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Having experienced Stein products over the past number of weeks, I’ve refrained from writing about them until I tested and trialed the products fully. Now that I’ve put it through its paces, I can wholeheartedly say – yep, the Wine Wand works!

You’re probably thinking “But Pra, you haven’t actually told us what the Wine Wand does!”

Well, this wand aerates wine within minutes (instead of hours) by using natural frequencies. This means that you don’t have to dump the bottle into a decanter or let big glasses of wine sit out as you wait for them to breathe. This is genius.

Bottle Wand

Bottle Wand

The wine wand is elegantly designed and decorated with Swarovski crystal, and glass jewels inside the stem to allow the NFT to work its magic. In addition, it’s also very discreet and is an ideal essential to pop into your handbag or travel luggage. Although the regular bottle wand doesn’t take up that much space, Philip Stein also makes a smaller travel size wand, should you want to be prepared whilst on the move.

So, if you…

Fancy a perfectly aerated glass of wine on your travels… tick

Fancy a perfectly aerated glass of wine at home after a long day at work … tick

Fancy a perfectly aerated glass of wine whilst out .. tick

Use the wand and within 2 – 5 minutes, your glass of red will be NFT’d out and perfect for the palate.

Travel Wand with Red Leather Case

Travel Wand with Red Leather Case

If you want to aerate an entire bottle, all you have to do is drop the wand into the bottle and let it sit for at least 5 minutes. And if you’re just enjoying a glass, keep the wand in for 2-3 minutes and let it NFT out all the kinks. Once you’re done marveling at how the nose, mouth feel, and taste have blossomed in just a few minutes, kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy.

Curious to see if my own tests were just a fluke, or perhaps some bizarre placebo effect, I‘ve since enlisted the help of friends to see how the Wine Wand stands up. To date, I’ve had five friends try two glasses of the same wine – one without the wand and one with the wand in it for 5 minutes. The Wine Wand glass has won every time, hands down.

Coincidence? Me thinks not!

Prices start at €180 for the travel wand and €280 for the bottle wand.


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