Presentation & Elocution Course

James Percy-Smith

James Percy-Smith

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people experience anxiety about public speaking?

See? You’re not alone.

The downside of this is that a fear of public speaking can hinder your success. It can hold you back from speaking up to share ideas with colleagues, attending networking events to cultivate meaningful relationships, or presenting your business pitch to potential investors.

The upside is that you can learn how to feel more confident with your voice and body language. It might not eliminate the fear but you’ll be more comfortable in the various situations thrown your way. And as an entrepreneur, business owner, or #rebelleboss, those can range from one-on-one meetings with CEOs to doing that TED Talk you’ve always dreamt about. 

Acting and elocution coach James Percy-Smith has put together a comprehensive 12-week online course where you’ll master the use of your voice, from body language and presentation skills to articulation improvement and accent reduction.

Some of the Caviar team have worked with James before and we can absolutely vouch for his professional yet approachable way of coaching.

Course Goals

  1. Accent Reduction

  2. Articulation & Diction Improvement 

  3. Vocal Presence (including engagement, tone of voice, etc.)

  4. Presentation Skills (including body language, text-to-speech, etc.)


This 12-week course is for anyone who wants to feel comfortable with their voice in any situation, from talking to clients one-to-one to presenting in front of 1000 conference delegates. In addition, we will look at accent reduction for English speaking, to ensure your voice is as clear as possible.

Note: This is an ONLINE course.


Week 1 (Analysis)

In your first session, James will conduct a voice analysis to establish which areas of your accent, articulation, diction and vocal presence need the most work. 

Week 2-4 (Accent Reduction)

In the following weeks, you will be working on each area of your accent to soften it down to RP (Received Pronunciation). From vowels to consonants, James will take you through a series of exercises which should be practiced regularly in your own time to allow the new sounds to form part of your muscle memory.

Week 5-6 (Articulation & Diction)

In your voice analysis, James will take note of any areas of your articulation and diction which need improving. From how you create certain sounds to your choice of words, James will work with you to strengthen your articulators and improve your general speech.

Week 7-9 (Vocal Presence)

Having vocal presence is not only about having the strength and power to deliver, but also to engage with people in the correct way. From your intonation to your projection, James will look at improving each part of your voice. You will be working on a series of exercises which should be practiced regularly in your own time to strengthen and support your voice.

Week 10-12 (Presentation Skills)

Once you have looked at accent reduction, articulation, diction and vocal presence, James will take you through the key steps in delivering professional and engaging presentations. From small meetings to large conferences, you will learn the art of using your body language effectively and keeping an audience listening from start to finish.


Over the years, James has taught clients all over the world through online platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet. Each session will last 60 minutes and will be delivered once a week. After each session, James will email a debrief including all the exercises completed during the class and those that need to be practiced in your own time. Any voice files required will also be sent over to aid your practice.


The fee for this 12-week course is £720.00.

A monthly payment option is available but all sessions must be completed within a 16 week period.