Astrology insights courtesy of our friends at Marbella Rocks

Aries: As the year winds down, you, however, are in unstoppable form. You’ve a desire for bigger, more meaningful experiences. Travel or any dealings with people or companies overseas could offer these as well as bringing unforeseen benefits your way. However, love and your closest personal connections offer your greatest source of adventure, experience and personal satisfaction. If love is not your priority right at the moment simply because there is so much going on, rest assured it soon will be. Don’t forget, any experience is more enjoyable if you share it with the right person. Going it alone for too long? This is just not on your schedule as we head into 2017!

Taurus: What enhances your life – and who or what doesn’t – could preoccupy you as we head towards 2017. Does that job really satisfy your soul as well as your bank account? Does that connection have the level of passion, depth and understanding you seek? If you find deficits anywhere in your life now – from friendships to where you live to how you earn your living or who you live with, don’t just put up with it, take steps to change it for the better. The only person with the power to change your life for the better is you. Don’t wait for that prince or princess to turn up and rescue you. Time to be your own knight in shining armour.

Gemini: The year’s end could see singles begin a romance with lasting potential attached as that near-irresistible package presents itself of sexy combined with smart. You know you are a sucker for the snappy comeback line and that aura of sexy-self confidence. Yes, you have to have them and what’s more – looks like they want you right back. Others thank their lucky stars they already have that. Opportunities could arrive from far far away and could definitely hold the key to expansion for you in 2017. Your future may require you to step out of your routine and embrace something or someone that represents a new world of experience.

Cancer: You end the year in an ‘I know what I want and I’m going to get it’ frame of mind. God help Santa if he gets your order wrong this year. Your usual sentimental self is replaced by a new focus and determination as well as the confidence that has you unafraid to go for it – whatever ‘it’ may be. Of course, you’re still that soft, sweet roasting marshmallows by the fire with loved ones kind of person. It’s just that if 2016 has taught you anything, it’s to give yourself and your dreams equal priority to others. Funny thing about people who know what they want. They usually get it. If not for Christmas, then certainly in 2017. Ring in the changes, Cancer.

Leo: Ho ho ho. Have you been naughty or nice, Leo? Events around you could just have you feeling that someone up there has been watching you and keeping score. Either everything goes your way or you encounter closed doors, barriers, blocks to progress and a distinct lack of festive spirit. But what you see as barriers are in fact diversions set up by the universe in order for you to get back on the right path. Who knew, right? Don’t bother knocking on doors which remain closed or running after something (or someone) that remains elusive. Recapture your soul… your rewards when due will come to you – whether they are delivered by a fashion-challenged fat man in a red suit – or not.

Virgo: Big decisions taken at the year’s end could determine how 2017 unfolds for you. Take your time and above all, consider the long term ramifications of any choice. Also remain aware that not choosing to do something is a choice in itself! Some of you may now be contemplating a major move or career change. It’s time to get serious about the future and what you want. Imagine yourself 2, 7 or even 14 years down the track. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with or would like to be with? This is your Christmas wishlist to the universe but it’s more than just that. Think of it as your business plan for the future. You could now be taking the first decisive step towards creating that future path. Commit to that dream.

Libra: If there’s one thing you hate its questions or being kept in suspense around love, Libra. Is it on? Is it off? Do they? Don’t they? Is there anyone out there?! Whatever that love question may be, the universe could just be in a mood to answer it one way or another. The result being that whatever answer you receive allows you to move into the New Year with a new sense of freedom and knowing where you stand. And that can also mean if you are single or end up that way, of knowing that really, love is meant to be easy and you don’t have to try that hard to make it happen. In fact, what’s meant for you will find you. Kick back and relax as a result.

Scorpio: Your intuition and ability to channel inspired ideas is enhanced now so all that remains is how you are going to utilise these gifts? Are you going to ignore that small, still voice within or will you follow its guidance? Will you do something with your ideas or just sit or them or worse, talk about them but never actually take action? If you’re still unsure about whether that you feel is just your imagination or even wishful thinking try an experiment where you follow what your intuition tells you to do over just a few days and then compare the results to not listening to it. The difference will probably astonish you.

Sagittarius: Your birthday season and 2016 begins and ends with you in an enviable position to self-direct how the following year unfolds. If you have now learned from your past, you are now in a position to step free of any negative aspects of it for good. Some of you could be looking at dealing with the public on a grand scale or seeing a long term goal or ambition realised. How others see you and how you see yourself could result in a massive metamorphosis that has a ripple effect into every area of your life. Yes, it took you 12 years to become an overnight sensation but results will be worth the hard work and the wait.

Capricorn: Tie up loose ends, finish off outstanding projects, pay off debts, de-clutter your closet and your life, and generally clean the decks and deck the halls with future promise. You need to create the space in your life for the new to flow into you. It cannot do that if your life is already full up! Ask yourself what has been lived out, needs finishing up or is just no longer used by you? Deal with that and be ready to start 2017 with a clean slate on every level. If you can manage to do this, you will discover the new year to be one of realisation when it comes to those dreams and ambitions.

Aquarius: You’re not so much Santa in that red outfit, but a warrior princess or prince and let’s face it, you prefer it that way. You don’t need to wait for anyone with a Naughty or Nice list to come dole out gifts by merit as right now you are the one ensuring that you get what you want – and deserve. You’re pushing towards an expansive 2017 where travel, success and learning opportunities beckon and what’s more, are not willing to wait for them to happen. In the 1989 film Working Girl, Sigourney Weaver asks Melanie Griffith: Who makes it happen? Answer: she does and did. So do you. Make it happen now and get a head start on 2017.

Pisces: Creativity, inspiration, travel, the sea, horses, higher knowledge and tapping into your core – how’s that for a mixed bag of festive treats, Pisces? One, any or even all of these themes could feature now as could people from your past. Has there been anyone from your past your thoughts have been straying to of late? What feelings do they still stir up? Don’t be surprised if they put in a (re)appearance now and also don’t be afraid to decline a second-time around involvement if you feel the past would just be put on replay. Staying in your core strength gives you the right decision. Future opportunities are all around you and to take advantage of them you need to look forward – not back.