Love Hugs ’n’ Punk Rock, From Talli Osborne

Meet Talli

We love celebrating strong, successful women here at The Caviar Spoon, which is why we’ve created ReBelles. These are the women who are working it and owning it in life, work, and everything in between. Our newest #rebelleboss is Talli Osborne, an inspirational speaker who has been endorsed by Sir Richard Branson and lives life with a determined attitude and positive spirit.

When we interview a #rebelleboss, our tradition is to ask that person for a recommendation on who to interview next. We love doing this because not only do we get to connect with inspiring people we may never have crossed paths with otherwise, but it also expands our network of awesome humans for future collaborations and events.

Skye Edwards (talented Morcheeba singer) pointed us in the direction of Talli Osborne when we asked for #rebelleboss recommendations. One look at Talli’s Instagram page and our fingers were flying over the keyboard to ask if she’d be interested in doing an interview and joining our #rebelleboss gang. Her positive response was just as quick, signed off with “love hugs ’n’ punk rock”, and we were hooked

How lucky are we to have women like Talli in our lives!?

Talli with a ‘tude (but a good one, not a bad one)

Talli with a ‘tude (but a good one, not a bad one)

Talli is an inspirational speaker who was born missing her arms and bones in her legs - but those are just physical attributes, much like her signature pink hair. Sure, that’s what you see but you better think twice before trying to make any assumptions based on that. (Besides, it’s 2019 and judging books by their covers should really be a thing of the past.)

Raised with the belief that she could do whatever she set her mind to (she participated in everything from Little League to Outward Bound), Talli has continued to embrace that mindset throughout her entire life. When she isn’t volunteering, hopping onto podcasts, or speaking at conferences, you’ll find Talli fronting her own punk rock band and hitting the stages around Toronto.

A crackly ball of positive energy and passion, we have a feeling Talli’s only just getting started with the amount of influence and impact she’s going to have on people around the world. Be sure to follow her on social media (links at the end of this interview) and check out the video below, where she answers our first five questions.

Q&A With Talli

Ed. note: some answers have been edited for clarity

Proudest moment/achievement so far?

I’ve wanted to one day do a TED Talk and I ended up achieving this goal only one year after resigning from my corporate job to become a speaker. Proudest achievement: My TED Talk titled “Differences are Beautiful”.

What’s your biggest de-railer and how do you cope?

I have a really bad neck and back. I could be doing the most simplest of tasks and I get a muscle spasm up my spine, which leaves me in so much pain I can hardly move. This can definitely derail any plan I have. Usually, I try to take Epsom salt baths often and do stretches and exercise, to prevent this. If it does happen though, I don’t like taking drugs. I usually use hot packs and soothing bombs to help. Being as independent as I am, I use my neck and back for everything! So, I’m sore pretty much every day.

When people meet you, what’s one thought or feeling you want them to walk away with?

Wow, her positivity is infectious! I love how she truly embraces who she is. She inspires me to embrace my differences & let them sparkle!

Who has inspired you in life (famous or non) and why?

My mother. She has taught me to always stand up for what I believe and to stay true to myself. She brought me up with the belief that I could do anything I set my mind to. She was the first feminist I ever knew and she raised me to be the strong, passionate woman I am today.

One question you’d love to ask someone you admire in your world?

I’d like to ask Richard Branson “How did you become so successful?? Being an entrepreneur is hard!”

Your favourite (and tell us why!):

  1. Travel destination — Italy — the food!!! 

  2. Hotel — Necker Island!! It’s paradise!!!!

  3. Restaurant — There are so many! 

The best app you’ve downloaded and why?

Be My Eyes” I am able to help blind or visually impaired people all over the world with everyday tasks. There are blind and sighted people who have this app… If a blind person needs help to see something, read something or identify an item, they request help through the app and if I get the request, through my camera I can read a label, identify currency or just help them see something in front of them. It’s an amazing app. I get super excited any time I get a request.

* ed. note: We downloaded this app after Talli sent us this answer and it truly is amazing!

What’s on your nightstand?

Asthma inhaler, a photo of me as a baby in the arms of my late father, a framed photo of me and my late kitty Gia, a vagina figurine & a candle that says “Badass Bitch” on it. 

What’s a book or YouTube video that’s really hit home with you?

Amanda Palmer’s “The Art of Asking”

Your biggest vice?

Probably carbs. I love them!! Bread!!! Drool!

One #rebelleboss we need to know and why?

Erin Dunham. She’s the owner of so many incredible restaurants here in Hamilton, ON. And a definite #rebelleboss!

What charity or initiative resonates with you the most?

Any animal rescue or hospice. 

Your life mantra

Embrace your differences & let them sparkle!

Best question you’ve ever been asked is…

“Can you have sex!?”


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