The Art of Collaboration

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Watch Pra’s interview with acclaimed artist Chen Baoyang and learn more about his incredible collaboration with Global Beauty retailer Sephora.

How did he crack the mega-band?

How did he create his digital artwork “Algorithmic Blossom” concept

How did he ensure a successful collaborative partnership with Sephora

What tips can he offer other talented artists venturing into collaborations

All will be revealed.

Who is Baoyang Chen

Baoyang Chen is an artist who works at the intersection of art and technology. He graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree. Chen’s artistic practice originates from his thinking that technology is more than making art, yet becoming a collaborator of the artist. He often hacks the technology by altering its default application to further fulfil his artistic goal. 

Who should listen to this interview

Any artists or brands looking to master the art of successful collaborations.