How to create exceptional experiences within Hospitality through brand collaborations with partners that share your values

  • IconOmar Shihab
  • IconBoca Dubai
  • Icon Wednesday 19 January 2022 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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We’ve entered the Age of Experiences; a time when consumers are looking for a little bit more from their favourite hospitality brands. To define themselves, brands need to look beyond their core offering to craft unique stories and add value for their clientele. 

In this exclusive Brains Behind The Brand interview, Pra will be speaking to Omar Shihab, General Manager of Boca Dubai, on how they create exceptional experiences for their customers through brand collaborations with partners that share Boca’s intrinsic values around sustainability.

Omar will be revealing how he approaches collaborations and how he feels hospitality brands can prosper as the industry moves towards offering value and experiences to their customers. 

About Omar Shihab

Omar Shihab is the visionary behind one of Dubai’s most loved restaurants, Boca. He is a well-known ambassador for the culinary industry in Dubai, building his reputation through a combination of innovative cuisine, sustainable initiatives and a keen understanding of delivering exactly what consumers want. 

Who should listen to this interview

  • Hospitality brands looking to gain a collaborative edge in a competitive industry
  • Any brand who wants to understand the logic and process behind successful brand collaborations