5 secrets to writing explosive copy to gain a collaborative edge

  • IconAisling Wolfe
  • IconRebel Writing
  • Icon Tuesday 25 January 2022 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm
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Collaborations need creativity – and that includes your writing. So, to ignite your next brand collaboration you’ll need expertly crafted copy for your profile, pitches, social media, and marketing to spark the interest of potential partners, gain traction for your collaboration, and build an enormous following.

This masterclass will introduce you to simple but effective techniques to help you write compelling copy that makes your readers sit up and take action Find out how to deliver clear results from strategies that pro-copywriters are using day in, day out, and start to make your writing become the most persuasive member of your team.

Who should take this masterclass:

Professionals who are seeking the skills and ideation to start writing copy for their next brand collaborations
Marketers, business owners and freelancers who want to improve their results and hone their copywriting skills for their collaborations
Anyone who wants to write action-inciting pitches and profiles for their Caviar Spoon accounts

What you’ll learn:

Tried and tested strategies to write copy that incites action from your reader
Deep dive into essential concepts such as audience research, messaging, storytelling, and calls to action across pitches, social media, and marketing throughout your collaboration
The process for writing a collaboration pitch that has partners signing up to work with you (including the words you should avoid – and my suggestions on what to replace them with)