Where can you venture in Dubai where you’ll be watered, well-fed, deliciously drowned in live music, and not have to leave for another venue if you’re in a dancing mood? Where can you find entertainment that will introduce you to culture and talent from around the world?

The answer? MusicHall: A place that has been on Pra’s never-ending to-do list since 2014 (!).


This place just kept slipping off my radar, until a recent conversation with a CEO in Dubai who was quizzing me on where he could entertain some of his executive team and clients. The remit was great food and wine but where he wouldn’t have to “entertain” all night or be pinned down by corporate talk on his night off. Which popped this place back into Pra’s mind.

Food + wine + cultural diversity + live entertainment + fun = MusicHall

So off I went to meet with Mohamad Rida, General Manager of MusicHall. I arrived early for our meeting and was graciously swept off for a green tea with the assistant operations manager Walid, who was catching up on paperwork (as you do on a Wednesday afternoon) but happily took the time to chat about Lebanon and their baby,  MusicHall before chatting further to Rida.


I was utterly intrigued by this place, the brainchild of entrepreneur Michel Elefteriades, an author, composer, and producer (among many other things). Michel is Greek-Lebanese, speaks 6 languages, and has a fine arts and design background. It’s no wonder that this visionary founded the one-of-a-kind MusicHall in Beirut back in 2003 (the Dubai hall opened in 2013). For Michel, it’s all about bringing live shows to the masses in a venue that is neither a theatre nor a club, but a unique hybrid.


  • International


  • Dinner


  • Thursday and Friday: 21:00 to 3:00


  • $$ (Now & Then)


  • Live Music
  • Entertainment
  • Beers & Cocktails
  • Tapas
  • Friends
  • Business
  • Dancing



  • MusicHall is within Jumeirah Zabeel Saray
  • The Palm Jumeirah, Crescent Road (West)
    PO Box 27722, Dubai, UAE
  • Tel: +971 56 2708670 or +971 4 4476646
  • Email: or


Michel Elefteriades

Michel Elefteriades

MusicHall is a place for those passionate about music, with an audience that skews towards the 35+ crowd. Every Thursday and Friday night, executives, friends, families, and business partners can all come together for hours of fun and entertainment.

Their concept – 1 night, 1 stage, 15 different live musical acts – had me sold and I knew we were in for an eclectic evening!


On Thursday night, we found our musical sanctuary on the ground floor just off the 5-star luxury hotel, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. We arrived at 8:50 pm but were politely asked to return at the opening time of 9:00 pm. Unfazed, we spent the time nosing around the hotel’s Voda Bar and returned promptly on time.

The moment you walk into the sprawling venue (max. cap. of 1000), you can feel just how special and extravagant it is, with its dark tones and sweeping, deep red velvet curtains. High on excitement, we were escorted to our table located next to the stage (which left me dubious at first but I soon realised it was the best way to really feel part of the act!).


A glance at the wine menu elicited a mild gasp at the prices until we remembered the 450 AED minimum spend. It seems a bit extravagant, but we’d easily drop this amount at one of the standard bars where a DJ is the only entertainment…Plus, the last VIP concert ticket I bought in Dubai was well over 600 AED and even at that so-called salubrious status, we were still packed like sardines with zero seats. Given the evening ahead of us, we gladly sucked it up!

Perfectly portioned nibbles to keep our energy up

Perfectly portioned nibbles to keep our energy up

The hot tapas were fabulous (the dim sum were spot) and the perfect portions kept our energy up whilst avoiding a carb-coma. Once the entertainment started, it was out with the talking and in with sporadic communication as we soaked in the amazing music.


This is where you can see Michel’s producer talents shining through. The well-thought-out show started on a calm note with folk music and knife dancers. Chill entr’acte tunes like Tracy Chapman subtly and sneakily faded into a Frank Sinatra tribute, and then the tempo and vibe picked up as various performers took the stage, from Clarita on the piano to the legendary Tony Hanna. The evening culminated in us dancing to a spectacular rendition of “It’s Raining Men”, with sparklers in hand. Watch one of the acts HERE!


Wait, how did we get from folk to an 80’s dance anthem? And where did the sparklers come from?

How thrilling! It really was the most skillfully pulled together line up!


At MusicHall, be prepared to get caught up in a whirlwind of entertainment, with each act lasting around 10 minutes. From reggae to Russian folk, bel canto to R&B, Cuban to Indian, this is a show that has been carefully curated for the diverse and cosmopolitan Dubai crowd. And once the live performances are over, the hall becomes a nightclub, where you can dance well into the night. See the official trailer here.


All in all, it was a superb night which can be summed up as a musical climax of all live entertainment in the UAE. The MusicHall is a special kind of place, peppered with unique global talent ready to entertain whilst you enjoy fine food, wine, and company.

If you’re like that CEO from Dubai, you’ll also find that it’s an ideal venue to entertain clients and business associates alike.

You know Pra loves a good time and MusicHall did not disappoint!

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