Did you know that we lose 1% of collagen per year after the age of 21? Eek! Now, we know that we can’t fight the ageing process but we can embrace it in a way that allows us to age gracefully! Unless you’re lounging on some luxury island paradise, the stresses and strains of everyday life take a huge toll on you and it definitely ends up showing on your face.

When I received an email announcing that Christiaan J Haig, the founder of skinade, would be visiting Dubai from the UK, I was intrigued.

I had heard about skinade across various circles here in Dubai and one of my besties absolutely swears by it but I was also rather dubious. After all, a collagen beauty drink that promises to make you glow from the inside out? Really?

So I jumped at the chance to meet Christiaan, along with Farah Jamal of Dubai-based Water and Tonic (the firm that has brought skinade to the UAE) at the Byzantium Lounge at Taj Dubai. Armed with questions, I showed up ready to find out if skinade’s motto “better skin from within” was actually true.


Christiaan is originally from an investment banking background—the last thing you’d expect from someone who is the founder of a wildly popular beauty drink! But he became totally engrossed in the concept of skin nutrition and within a few years…voilà!

The question is, can you really drink your way to collagen-tastic skin? Sure, skinade has won awards (like “Best Treatment Partner” at the 2015 Aesthetics Awards), is loved by celebs, and has been proven to increase skin hydration by 30.5%, collagen density by 20.39%, and skin thickness by 3.5% in 30 days…

But what exactly are we putting into our temples? And at a monthly cost of +/- 800 AED (it depends on the retailer)—or a lower, but still significant, £105 in the UK—are we just burning our pockets or does this stuff actually work?

One of the things that immediately caught my attention was that Skinade is made of natural ingredients because, again, your body is a temple and you should be careful of what you’re putting in there. It is naturally flavoured with peach and mangosteen and contains collagen peptides and essential micronutrients, creating a balance of goodness minus anything artificial or toxic.

This formula allows for 90-95% of it to be absorbed by your body so it’s great to have first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And, although this might be difficult, avoid having caffeine in the hour before and after drinking it.

Packaged in both bottles and sachets (so no excuses when you’re travelling!), each serving is only 35 kcal. It is also low in sugar so you don’t have to worry about it wreaking havoc on your current diet. (As a side note, I was initially a bit disconcerted that there was so much plastic involved with the bottles but then I learned that they are fully recyclable, so cheers to that!)

Is skinade actually effective? Well, you can’t deny the tons of glowing reviews or the Visia skin analysis before and after photos, nor the plethora of science-backed facts and information about the ingredients and their benefits. Also, it apparently it takes about 12 hours to make one bottle of this beauty formula so that contributes to the overall cost, in case you were wondering!

There’s definitely something to this collagen drink and considering that it’s not invasive (except maybe to your wallet!), it might just be best to give this a try and see for yourself. Skinade says that you can see results in 30 days but they recommend sticking to the regimen for at least 90 days to really see the merits.


At one month, I can’t give a firm thumbs up just yet since it can take up to 3 months to see results so I’ve decided to give it a go for another month and I’ll let you know about the glow!

***UPDATE March 23: After downing skinade for a second month, I have to say, my skin really does feel fresher and dewier. So this is definitely an inside-to-out process and it takes a bit of time for the results to show but they are there. If you’re going to try this, commit to at least 60 days and you should really start to see and feel the difference!

After all, I have faithful friends in the UK who have been living and swearing by skinade for the last 2 years. One of the friends actually said “I can’t NOT have it now”.

Remember: what you put on the inside is what we see on the outside!


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