Here’s a quick summary of Pra back in November 2015.

Pra stopped sleeping.

OK, fine, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much. I’d wake up around 3 times every night, groggily get out of bed at 7am and then crawl to the  local coffee shop at 8am, desperately hoping that a shot (or 3) of caffeine would get me through the day. It was exhausting. Why was my sleep so disrupted? Who knows. Probably the same reason as many a modern girl – ever-growing to-do lists. Or maybe I was writing too many reviews. ☺



  • Deeper and enhanced quality sleep


  • $$ (Now & Then)


  • Classic Sleep Bracelet from €350.00


  • Use as a natural sleep aid
  • Improving quality of sleep





So when Meara at The Product House in Dubai invited me to Precious Times’s Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet launch at Burj Al Arab, I was intrigued. (Precious Times is the exclusive distributor of Philip Stein products in the UAE and 40 other countries.) Janette (the Founder) and Meara (Ops Manager) of The Product House are THE go-to people in terms of products, potions, wellness, and treatments, and when they say jump, I simply ask how high! They had experienced Stein sleep bracelets firsthand and had started popping these babies into some major luxury spas across the UAE.

Philip Stein for Burj al Arab

Philip Stein for Burj al Arab

On meeting Meara, she was sporting the Stein Horizon bracelet, which is meant to help you feel more invigorated through the use of natural frequency technology (NFT). Meara is far from a fad queen; she’s all about the facts. So when she has a rock-solid stance on something and says it works, it’s well worth a listen.
(Not to mention that the Philip Stein brand was included in Oprah’s Favorite Things three times so it must be a goer!)

Still, for me, the €350 price tag and my scepticism of NFT had me thinking twice about giving the sleep bracelet a go. Then I found out that Burj Al Arab had pipped me at the post as they’d already purchased a small truckload for their guests – a nice touch and another indication that I should be giving it a chance!

Questions in hand, I first met briefly with Will Stein, the founder of Philip Stein, who with his wife Rina, started the company in 2002 to target the niche market of “well-being watches”. Then, I went to Precious Times to learn more about NFT and met up with Nadia, the perfect person to address all of my questions. And that’s when my world opened up to NFT…

Will Stein – Founder of Philip Stein

Will Stein – Founder of Philip Stein

Everything gives off frequencies, from the MacBooks we type on to the Samsung Galaxies we talk on. We’re constantly surrounded by vibes, and they aren’t always the good kind. In fact, after hearing Nadia elaborate on this, I’ve since stopped having my phone near me at night in case I’m being zapped with vibes during the late hours! NFT simply counters our exposure to man-made frequencies with natural ones.

Philip Stein’s brand ethos is “Live In Tune”, which says it all. If your body’s in tune, you are in harmony. If you are in harmony, you feel better. When it was all laid out for me like that, I realised that this was all stuff I already believed in – positive vibes, positive mind, positive life.

Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet in White

Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet in White

Armed with this information, I decided to embrace my beautifully designed navy sleep bracelet and ran home to embark on a 30-day challenge. The bracelet is very petite and discreet, with a soft microfibre strap. I personally found it very comfortable to wear and was desperately keen to hit the sack at 8pm and finally sleep like a princess.

Philip Stein Slim Sleep Bracelet in Grey and Rose Gold

Philip Stein Slim Sleep Bracelet in Grey and Rose Gold

So, it was out with the histamine pills (sleeping tablets are banned in the UAE so histamines provided my drowsiness) and in with the bracelet.

The first few nights were frustrating. I guess I thought the sleep bracelet would knock me out in 5 minutes and I’d awake 10 hours later feeling wonderfully rested. Instead, I kept myself awake wondering “when’s it going to happen!” It’s like expecting to be a finely toned goddess after one gym session. I needed to give it some time.

After 7 days, I found that I *was* sleeping… but was it me or the bracelet?

I won’t deny that I wanted to call it a day (or night) at one  point, but around day 26, I realised that I was sleeping deeper. No more nights in sleep limbo. I woke up feeling rested and having committed to writing a log every morning, I couldn’t dispute fact!


Seven weeks on, I’m still wearing it and it’s now part of the bedtime process. So there you have it – I’m an NFT convert. Is it blissful sleep every night? No. But I no longer have to rely on pills to help me sleep, which is reason enough to believe in this bracelet. Plus, when your very sceptical Scottish partner comments on how you’ve been sleeping like a baby, who can argue? I wouldn’t and if you knew him, you probably wouldn’t either.

Oh, and if you’re intrigued by NFT and love wine, you’ll just love the Stein Wine Wand…But that’s another story – read here…

Pra x

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