Editorial Policy


The Caviar Spoon ReBelle team are constantly on the lookout for all of the best restaurants, hotels, beauty products and more, to share with our readers around the globe. Whether we seek something out or a business approaches us, our first priority is making sure that the business or brand is in line with the TCSR brand and a good fit for our audience.

Anything included or written about on this website is here because we personally love it, believe it’s relevant to our mission, and will contribute to the lives of our readers. We only work with businesses and brands we love and are proud to stand behind every recommendation we make.

Sponsored or promotional posts will be clearly marked as such.



Sometimes we pay for the services or goods we write about; other times we are very graciously hosted or gifted. Either way, our reviews will be impartial and non-biased. We are firm in our policy that a freebie does not equal a good review. If the product or service just didn’t meet our standards and it was complimentary, we will choose to either remain impartial and tell the truth or refrain from reviewing it on the website. (We’ll also politely let the company know and share our thoughts if they’d like to take them into consideration.)

We are happy to review products of any kind that fit our brand and audience; however it is up to our discretion on whether or not the product and review will be shared with our readers.



We occasionally like to run sponsored giveaways for products or experiences we believe our readers will enjoy. We may include these in the future and will clearly state that it is sponsored in the post.

If you are a business or brand interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please email us at hello@thecaviarspoon.com to request the latest The Caviar Spoon rate card.

All original content is ©The Caviar Spoon ReBelle. No words or images may be reproduced without permission from the copyright holder.