CV + Coaching For Job Hunters

 Mary, aka "Pra"   Photo by  Raz Moussa

Job hunting can feel like a full-time job on its own. When we’re already working 40+ hours a week, very few of us want to be up at 1 AM on a Tuesday, frantically pulling together an updated CV and cover letter because a fabulous opportunity (with an 8 AM application deadline) suddenly popped up in our inbox.

Not only that, it’s difficult to know how to highlight your skills and achievements without feeling boastful, or what words to use to make sure your CV doesn’t get filtered out by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) before it even reaches human eyes.

(Yep, up to 75% of CVs get rejected in this initial application phase, just because the system didn’t pick up enough, or the “right”, key words and phrases.)

So, if you’ve started thinking about looking for a new job or are angling for a different position within your current company, we want to help by saving you time and lost opportunities! Our team has been in the recruitment game for a long time now and we stay up to date with the best practices for CV writing, the job application process, and how to grab the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

This is why we’ve put together our Job Climbing Package, which not only provides you with a brand new CV but also comes with a job hunting toolkit to support you from application to interview.

You are far too talented and capable to miss out on your dream job simply because you haven’t had the time to revamp your CV or your nerves get the best of you in the interview phase.

Here’s what you can get:

  • A brand-new CV written to make you shine, presented to you in a visually impactful design, in both PDF and editable formats
  • A standout LinkedIn profile that will stop potential employers and recruiters in their tracks when scrolling through candidates
  • A 45-minute consultation to cover important points such as where you are in the job hunting process, details about your current job and field, and the role(s) you’re aiming for. This, in addition to a Q&A form, will help us in creating that pitch-perfect CV for you.
  • A 45-minute interview coaching session with one of our recruitment gurus to help you nail those interviews with confidence
  • A set of professionally crafted introduction templates to use when sending emails about a specific job, inquiring about a company, and approaching a recruitment agency

Your Investment: $450 USD

À la carte options also available upon request.

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