Welcome to The Caviar Society

Inspired by supper clubs with an enigmatic twist, The Caviar Society hosts enthralling events in undisclosed locations around the world.

This members-only group is for entrepreneurs and creatives of the world who all have one thing in common - an insatiable appetite for the uncommon.

Hosted in cities with a burgeoning arts and culture scene, events will feature tantalizing cuisine dished up by well-known chefs, combined with the art of entertainment.

Will there be aerial artists? Burlesque dancers? Soul-shaking singers?

The only way to find out is by attending.


Part dining, part entertainment, and wholly wickedly delightful.

And it's all in good company - most members are daringly creative, innovative characters across the arts, fashion, wellness, and hospitality.

Each event is a once-off and exclusively for the eyes and ears of members, with a strict no-photography rule in place to maintain privacy and mystery. The Caviar Society would like to encourage guests to be fully present in the moment and take in the experience with fellow members without being distracted by phone screens, filters, and good angles.

Membership is limited and by invitation only to ensure a balanced representation of unique minds, talents, and vibes.

To be among the first to know when our doors next open for membership consideration, please sign up below.