Mock Interview Coaching

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Mock Interview Coaching


An intensive, customized 90-minute coaching session that will be structured around preparing you for an actual upcoming interview you may have.

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60-minute Mock Interview + 30-minute Debrief

Get prepped for a real life situation, like that upcoming interview you want to absolutely nail. You’ll provide us with the job description and we’ll prepare a tailored set of questions and interview you as if we are the employer. Afterwards, you’ll receive a 30-minute debrief covering what went well, what didn’t, and key learnings.

Taking the time to do this “rehearsal” will keep you from being caught off-guard or feeling unprepared when it comes time for the actual interview.

Get guidance on:

  • the types of interview questions you should be prepared to answer, based on the specific job and industry you are targeting

  • how to present yourself professionally and with confidence, including body language and appearance

  • how to prep yourself and control your nerves

  • how to navigate potentially difficult questions or situations