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ReBelle (noun):

a woman who refuses to settle for anything less in life than doing what she loves and loving what she does; a hellion in heels who gives 100% each to both work and play.


Our Motto:
Indulgence isn’t a dirty word.

The Caviar Spoon ReBelle is an online business and luxury lifestyle platform for no-BS women and entrepreneurs who want to grow, learn, and build their own brands together, all while indulging in the fun and finer things in life.


Our multi-faceted approach will take your business goals from inspiration to action.

To keep you utterly on your toes, we hunt down inspiring women and entrepreneurs around the world, from the emerging to the established, to share their extraordinary experiences and insightful pointers on what can make you…or break you. To complement the entrepreneur narrative, we go a step further by promoting any goods on our online boutique. (Go on, take a coffee break and have a peek!)

Are you looking to connect and network with private brands and individuals with the possibility of creating a mutually flourishing business partnership?

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re working furiously on creating more ways for entrepreneurs to connect with each other by using their joint value and cross-promoting their products and services for enhanced marketing, amplified social content, and extended reach. (Keep your eyes peeled for more info around this!)

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Case Study: Power of 9

We brought together 9 different creative entrepreneurs in interconnected industries and, through strategic collaboration and cross-promotion, increased everyone's social reach from an average of 2k to 50k, which is a whopping 2400% increase!

(Pick your jaws up off the floor and join us instead!)

From L-R: Clarita de Quiroz (singer), Anna Royall-Smith (celebrity stylist), Shannon Fergus and Shereen Safadi Freeman (fashion designers and co-founders of MESH), Greg Malouf (Michelin chef), Mary Pratt (founder and editor-in-chief of The Caviar Spoon), David Craig (co-founder and managing partner of Mais Musica), Brooke Boyschau and Sophie Cooke (co-founders of PR firm Atteline)

Photography: Vartan Kelechian

Finally, if you’re having an “EFO” (entrepreneur freak out), we also help you get down to the nitty gritty with workshops and coaching programs that cover relevant topics for women in business and entrepreneurs. Maybe you need to overcome your fear of public speaking or you’ve hit a brick wall dealing with all of those spreadsheets. You might decide that you need the guidance of a coach or want to level up your self-brand by immersing yourself in a deportment and etiquette weekend course. 

We’ve laid it all out for you - you just have to decide on your next move!

Now that we’ve covered the business end of things, let’s talk about how you’re going to spend your downtime. That’s right, as important as it is to work, it’s just as important to take time for yourself. 

We’ve done all the research for you which means there’s no room for excuses like “I don’t have time to look for the best spas around me”.

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We hunt down and review the best in our golden pillars of travel, food, fashion & wellness for those “Caviar Moments”, not to mention the people behind these moments.

We’ve personally been down the “all work and no play” road and very quickly discovered that it’s not the life we envisioned for ourselves. After all, the secret to staying engaged, positive, and empowered is having proper downtime. And what better way to treat yourself than to experience some “Caviar Moments” when it’s time to play? 

This is where you’ll find the counterbalance to all of that hard work you do. We’ll share our favourite indulgences and hidden gems from around the world, making sure they’re not the same old top ten things seen elsewhere. 

Take your pick from our diverse collection of reviews and travel guides, whether you’re into off-the-grid yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, boutique hotels in Stockholm, luxury spas in the UAE, feasting our way through the best restaurants in London while grilling world-acclaimed chefs about their kitchen tales, checking out cool haunts in South Africa, or shopping online for beautiful products.

Whoever said you can’t have it all clearly never met ReBelles like us.

Let’s do this!!


“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

We’re hard-hustling, thirty-something-going-on-forty-something savvy businesswomen who know and understand the hunger for fulfilling dreams and living a life of adventure and freedom. Tell us “no” or that we can’t do something and we’ll slap on some mascara, give you a cheeky wink, and ask, “who’s going to stop me?”. 

We also believe that another’s success does not diminish your own. This platform is where rebellious, passionate, and driven women and entrepreneurs can come together to learn, inspire, and be inspired while also making time to unwind and indulge.


Letter From The Founder

  Photo by  Raz Moussa

Photo by Raz Moussa

“At my core, I’ve always been a wanderer and a wonderer with a free spirit and big ideas. I also love business and have had a long career in Recruitment spanning from startups to freelancing to corporate life. Wanting to do my own thing in my own way meant that I wasn’t always compatible with the rules and procedures of the standard workplace, which is why I’ve always aimed to work independently.

One of the things I’ve discovered throughout my 20+ years of hard work and hustle is that you can’t be good at everything (unless you’re invincible). You can be an extraordinary designer but not have a head for numbers. Or you might be a finance guru but not have a clue about savvy branding and marketing.

The most successful entrepreneurs around the world always have one thing in common: they’re not doing it alone. They’ve formed a dream team to provide 360° coverage of the business so they can keep channeling their energy and talent into doing what they do best.

We entrepreneurs need to rev up our strengths while connecting with the right people who can help us establish a sustainable business. On top of that, we need to create mutually beneficial situations in a community of likeminded entrepreneurs where we can share our goods or services, network, and pay it forward.

The Caviar Spoon ReBelle is the catalyst for emerging entrepreneurs who want to make magic happen by building a life doing what they love. 

But it’s also important to have a healthy work-life balance. I know I’m always in need of some downtime to unwind and recharge, which is why we’re just as focused on our luxury lifestyle reviews. Every hardworking woman and entrepreneur deserves to indulge in themselves.

Learn, inspire, share, and love life.”

Pra x


Meet The Team

  Photo by  Raz Moussa

Photo by Raz Moussa

Mary Pratt aka “Pra” (Editor-In-Chief)

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride for Pra, including an early rise to massive success in the Recruitment industry and a thunderous everything-pulled-out-from-underneath-her rock bottom crash. In a short period of time, she went from a BMW Z4 and fancy champagne to a dodgy VW Golf and house wine.  And this was just in her twenties. The silver lining is that she’s wiser for it and her past experiences inspired the creation of The Caviar Spoon ReBelle - a perfect mix of business and pleasure.

She’s a creative “ideas” person who thrives on connecting with people and pushing the boundaries for unconventional solutions. Although the corporate cubicle never suited her (all that red tape!), she’s learnt to become business savvy on her own terms and is a graduate of Cranfield University’s Business Growth Programme (BGP), as well as an accredited Marshall Goldsmith coach. She knows that being a successful ReBelle means not only playing on her strengths but also embracing her weaknesses like a pro and learning how to be better (she’s looking at you, finance and accounts). When Pra’s not consulting on Recruitment, she’s indulging in G&Ts with girlfriends and discovering buzz-worthy restaurants, spas, hotels, and designers.

Yoko Izu 1080x1620.JPG

Yoko Izu (Managing Editor)

Back in 2014, this former New York event coordinator's life took a hard left which landed her in Johannesburg with a new writing career. A once-off project turned into an ongoing relationship and Yoko has since been Pra’s wingwoman, unravelling her thoughts and words while also keeping a tight rein on the content that comes in and goes out on TCSR. Now that she’s had a taste of the creative freelance life, Yoko is determined to never go back to the 9-to-5 grind. She loves supporting local and choosing quality over quantity, which means you’ll often find her on Instagram hunting down new South African brands and businesses to lust over. Other indulgences include red wine, smoky scotch, black coffee, and dark chocolate.

Caviar Ambassador

Xriss Jor 1080x1620.JPG


Xriss (pronounced like “Chris”) has a fiery personality and a fabulously rich and raspy voice that is as unique as she is. Her drive, charisma, rebellious nature, and unstoppable attitude are what ReBelles are made of! She was a quarter-finalist on The Voice Ahla Sawt (the Arabic version of the popular singing show), won a competition judged by Quincy Jones, will.i.am, and Timbaland, and then was signed by Quincy. She is currently living in Bordeaux with her husband and Miss Mya, her fur child.

ReBelles & Influencers

Mission & Values

Our mission is to not only inspire you to live a life you love, but to also help you grow your business and make it thrive.

TCSR Values

  • Collaboration: we believe in paying it forward and are centered around working with and supporting other individuals, brands, and businesses in mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Authenticity: we are real people behind TCSR and we’re committed to only writing about and supporting what we personally love and connect with
  • Diversity: our hearts and minds are global, having traveled from one end of the world to the other, and we know that it’s our differences that bring us together
  • Independence: we prefer “coffices” and red wine over cubicles and red tape, and recognize the need for free thinking, playing with ideas, and breaking the rules
  • Determination: we strive for progress every day and have an unrivaled determination to succeed, not just for ourselves but for our audience, clients, and partners
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