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Changeboard is delighted to be working with The Caviar Spoon in the Middle East region. With the increasing convergence of work and personal life, we know that bringing the latest lifestyle and well-being insights to our readers will help strengthen our reputation as the ultimate go-to resource for the modern business leader.

Based on Mary’s extensive and unrivaled knowledge of the best places to eat, relax and unwind in the region, we approached the team at The Caviar Spoon to help us do just that. We welcome their commitment to providing honest, comprehensive and sincere insights which are very well received by our readers and look forward to our continued partnership.

Mary Appleton

Director & Editor-in-Chief, Changeboard Magazine

Seasoned By Chefs Magazine were contacted by The Caviar Spoon enquiring if they  could contribute to our website Blog and Magazine.

As we are always keen to add really up to date information on a regular basis, we agreed to Mary submitting a few articles and from the very beginning we were blown away by the great content and lifestyle feel which matches exactly the type of things that are magazine and website are known for, and so the team at The Caviar Spoon are regular contributors and also soon to be collaborative partners in the UAE.

If your company is considering hiring a Food, Wine, Fashion & Travel Review site, please be assured we have absolutely no reservation in recommending The Caviar Spoon.

Glenn Ratcliffe

Head of Business Development, Seasoned By Chefs, R Media & Communications

The Caviar Spoon is a new phenomenon that is taking the UAE by storm.  This is an up-to-date personalization of unforgettable experiences and people within the seven Emirates that make up a fabulously exciting country.  Mary, the Founder  is a very well connected individual who understands the values of honesty.  Her online site remains true to her readers, which has given her the trusted platform in which she can share various journeys and encounters across the globe.

A pleasure to work with, Mary is a quick-witted and creative woman whose tagline suites her perfectly #indulgeinlife.  The development of this platform, will see relationships being built and shared internationally.  This isn¹t a one-off blog.  The imagination and enthusiasm that drives The Caviar Spoon is contagious and I sincerely hope that our relationship continues to be fruitful as the country continues to change and grow.

Katie Hollamby

Public Relations Manager, Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

It was such a joy to meet Mary and I can honestly say that the write-up that Mary and Yoko put together about Dewsall could not have been a happier read.

We always enjoy reading the articles written about Dewsall but this was different. We all felt that no one had ‘got us’ quite as well and it is hands down our favourite ever write-up. Furthermore, the ongoing relationship, working out how we can all further help each other with our businesses, is both fruitful and fun!

Samantha Vaughan

Director, Dewsall Court, UK

Mary is wonderful. I was so delighted when I heard from Mary initially, but saddened to hear that her Valentino heels had been ruined at a polo match (before she knew about Solemates).

It has been so fun to collaborate with TCS, and we are so flattered to be included on the site. I love the beautiful content – it’s like traveling the world on your phone/computer! And Mary has wonderful taste! TCS is filled with inspiration and aspiration. 🙂

We are so thrilled to be part of the TCS community, and look forward to partnering further.

Becca Brown

Co-Founder, Solemates

When SSZB was first introduced to The Caviar Spoon, we were excited about the angle proposed as it was definitely on-time to promote and have a refresher on SSZB’s wellness offerings and life experiences activities, which are adrenaline-pumping and full of healthy benefits for busy executive readers.

Located in a private bay near Musandam’s fjords, Gulf of Oman, and with the beauty of Hajar mountains as the backdrop of the resort, The Caviar Spoon has described the property’s USP perfectly from the Omani village architecture, ambiance of restaurants and its cuisines, spa getaway and integrated wellness program, life experiences activities such as paragliding (which we hilariously loved); it was all naturally written with unpretentious recordings of Mary’s everyday moments, enjoying the mini “business-vacation”.

Continuous support is diligently extended by the team for every feature/posts and we love them for it! May The Caviar Spoon’s future grow as flourishingly bountiful as their generous heart. We at SSZB wishes them all the best and fully support their commitment for the industry’s tourism promotions in GCC region.

Nurhayati Mohamad

Marketing Communications Manager, Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman

When I received the first email about including our “simple living, high thinking” based Krishna Village in a story by a magazine called “The Caviar Spoon” I was a bit sceptical, to say the least. I remember smilingly replying that “our luxury is of a more transcendental nature”. Little did I know about the adventurer and inspiring writer that is Mary Pratt!!

Her curiosity, open-mindedness, and eagerness to fully immerse herself are simply fabulous, and within her short but well-planned visit, she not only managed to capture our retreat centre and the purpose behind our work in a most loving and mindful way, but also was a complete delight to have around! A truly inspiring lady, and a fabulous article that within one day has already generated more enthusiastic likes and shares on Social Media than any other article ever written about us…

Henrike Schreer

Managing Director, Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community, Australia

Mary contacted us to write an article about Ulpotha, and from the moment of our first correspondence to the enjoyable few days we spent together in Ulpotha, we got on like a house on fire.  She was quick to pick up on the particular nuances that make Ulpothaspecial and then returned to write not one but three lovely articles about Ulpotha that have immensely helped with getting the word out about our Yoga retreat.  Thank you, Mary!  You were a delight to work with and come back again soon!

Giles Scott

Co-Owner, Ulpotha Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat, Sri Lanka

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