The Caviar Spoon:      The Story

We’re a tastefully curated hub for the ‘work hard, play hard’ crowd that loves to indulge in travel, food, fashion, and beauty. All are welcome but we do have a penchant for ReBelles.

What’s a ReBelle, you ask?

ReBelle (noun): a woman who is a wanderer, a wonderer, and a winner; a fierce female who is working it and owning it in both her career and personal life.

So to our fellow ReBelles – Hey!

We know you’re filled with both wanderlust and the desire to succeed. You remain curious about the world while working hard to leave your signature mark on it.

The Caviar Spoon was created to be an inspirational hub for ReBelle women like you. Our ReBelle base is in Dubai but we’re here for followers around the globe who want to indulge in business and in pleasure. Who are as excited about staying at a credit-card-cracking boutique hotel as they are about finding the best street food in Thailand.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that we know what it’s like to want to indulge in both work and life and we want to make things just a little bit easier for you.

It’s time you indulge in life’s little luxuries. Welcome to THE CAVIAR SPOON.

So what can you expect from THE CAVIAR SPOON?

We’ve got you covered on all fronts, from interviewing global influencers on business tips and drivers to revealing the best places for pampering and relaxation.

When we chat with other ReBelles who are working it and owning it, we’re hoping it provides motivation, ideas, and inspiration to all of you who are thinking about launching a new business or taking the next step in your career.

And on the other side, you can check out our insider tips for the best barefoot luxury retreats or find restaurant recommendations for your next business dinner. We’ll scope out the most effective collagen treatments to keep you glowing and point you in the direction of the next hot designer and must-know brand with fabulous head-turning pieces.

Everything we write is all truth and nothing but the truth. We have standards and we tend not to compromise (at least when it comes to quality), so if we don’t like it, we won’t review it. We’re here to cut through the noise and fluff by being your window into the things and places we know you’ll love (because we love them, too).


My background is within Recruitment, Employer Branding and Coaching – the ideal skill set when travelling and reviewing hotels, restaurants, or new beauty brands. I know how to ask the right questions to probe underneath the surface and I have a pretty killer eye for details and looking beyond the glitz, glamour, and façade. Every five-star review will be backed up by an awesome interview with someone helping to make that experience so amazing!

When I travel, I don’t just look at the places – I focus on the faces, too.

Let’s say I stumble across an incredible kaftan designer who I just know would pair fabulously with some of the hotels we work with, but who doesn’t have the leverage to promote overseas. That’s where we come in – because we interconnect people and places, we can act as a platform for talent to reach a wider global audience.

Pra xx

How did the caviar spoon come about?

We’re not full-time lifestyle bloggers making cushy six-figure salaries from Instagram photos (yet!). During the day you’ll find us hustling in the corporate world or building our own empires, just like you. We’re thirty-somethings who are as hungry for success as we are for adventure and we refuse to accept that we cannot play as hard as we work.

That’s what drives us to do a damn good job at every review and interview we write. We’re proud to say that we get asked by many salubrious brands to do just that because it means we’re definitely doing something right. You’ll see our work spread across a number of publications from Changeboard Magazine to luxury food, travel, and lifestyle publications around the world.

You see, we’re travellers, not tourists, in life.

People tend to think that they can either have a stonking job or the ability to indulge in their wanderlust, but never both at the same time. Well, we’re business girls who are putting that nonsense to rest. We work the boardroom during the day and make the most out of our free time by being the window of opportunity for both your career and the other stuff you love, like fashion, travel, food, and beauty.

Mary Pratt aka “Pra” (Founder)

For Pra, indulgence isn’t about how much you spend but what you spend it on. In her closet you’ll find Valentino Rockstuds alongside her favourite pair of skinnys from ZARA. She’s backpacked through South Africa, slept in a Zulu chief’s mud hut, and partied on Richard Branson’s Necker Island. A wildly delicious curry enjoyed in a corner of Bur Dubai is just as memorable as a budget-blowing dinner at Le Gavroche in London. And when she’s not doing things like hunting down up-and-coming designers and products to feature on #TCS, she’s a recruitment branding expert and coach.

Yoko Izu (Managing Editor)

Yoko joined the Caviar Crew to help keep Pra’s thoughts in one coherent place because when she goes off to scope out another hot spot or product, she comes back with pages of notes and tons of photos. Yoko unravels and organises those notes so they can be shared with #TCS readers and she also keeps a tight rein on the content that comes in and goes out. Indulgences include lattes and croissants at the locally owned cafe, supporting South African designers, and her fave pair of boots from Acne Studios that brought her from New York to Johannesburg.

Wayne Banks (Designer)

Wayne is a globetrotting adventurer who uses his diverse background and amazing design skills to help clients creatively develop and manage their brands. He’s the one who keeps #TCS looking chic and sleek. Born in Zimbabwe, he’s lived in Malawi, Swaziland, South Africa, and Tanzania. Wayne’s wanderlust is his indulgence and it’s taken him from backpacking through Europe to resort holidays in Mauritius to cycling down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia. He’ll happily indulge in a McDonald’s burger although he’ll never say no to a prime beef fillet. He is currently based in Cape Town.

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