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Pra has travelled near and far hunting down the best brands, products, hotels, and restaurants. Combined with many years spent working in the big, bad world of business, she’s a commercial vixen who knows what’ll make your brand pop, your staff (both new and old) go “WOW!”, and your clientele clamouring for more.

By trade, she is a coach and a specialist in talent acquisition and employer branding who is constantly implementing out-of-the-box thinking and fresh ideas and thinking about the “who” and the “why”. Whatever the review, you’ll see that it’ll always come back to the people.

That’s why a brand will only have a 5-star review if all the mechanics are working. As the brainchild of a business-oriented ex-corporate girl, #TCS is serious about providing well-rounded reviews that benefit both the readers and the brands.


A successful business is nothing without the right people behind it. Work with us to learn how to attract, engage, and most importantly, keep your top tier talent. With experience sourcing talent for blue chip brands all around the world, Mary’s the one you want to talk to if you’re looking for the crème de la crème of talent for your company


If people have heard about you and know your name, then you’ve nailed consumer branding, which is no small feat. But have you given as much serious thought and consideration to your employer branding?

We can help you market yourself as an employer of choice by nailing down who you are and regionalising your message so that it is tailored to reach exactly who you want. Create great opportunities for great people and you’ll find yourself attracting your best assets ever – the people who make your establishments work and who you’ll want to keep around for as long as possible.


Emerging talent and leaders who would like guidance on overcoming hurdles  and becoming confident in their roles can work with Mary, a Marshall Goldsmith-trained behavioural coach, and her partner HR Strategist Dr. Linda Sharkey.

Receive coaching either face to face or via Skype and learn how to smash down barriers and shift gears, going from “wish” to “will”!


Contemplating whether or not you need to “zhoosh” up your copy? If you’re asking, then there’s a good chance that you do.

We’ll rework the words you do have, add in the words you don’t, and make sure the personality of your brand shines through it all. (And we’ll figure out how to spell words like “zhoosh” so you don’t have to.)


Successfully developing and managing your brand requires an experienced and creative hand, especially when you have a multinational audience.

Moving an ad campaign between countries takes more than just a direct translation or a quick image swap. The beliefs, languages, and cultural nuances of your new market all play a part. Our global experience allows us to make campaigns locally relevant, whilst maintaining core corporate ideas.

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We’ve made a commitment to launching #TCS as an inspiration-obsessed lifestyle platform that highlights and supports organisations, designers, pockets of the globe, and individuals doing really cool things by hunting them down, writing reviews, and (taking it a step further) interconnecting people and places.

 Our audience is globally-minded with a penchant for the fun and finer things in life. We focus on delivering quality content that is real (no bought reviews or fluff for freebies!) and speaks to our diverse and devoted readers.

Like our reviews, our advertising options are multidimensional. Don’t expect a boring old banner ad that goes dormant after a short while. We have a variety of packages that’ll get the traction and attraction you want for your brand.

 If you’d like to advertise with us, we’d be happy to discuss our various available options with you, email us Click Here

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